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Latest News  
[2016 Product of the Year] Icubis, Muddly Monster is Chosen for an Application of the Year
[2016 Association of the Year] KGOC cooperative is Chosen as an Association Graced This Year
[2016 Product of the Year] Boud, Receives a VIP ASIA AWARDS for Pic, Action Cam
[2016 This Year's Product] INANO, 'HERCULES' Won the Prize in This Year's 3D Print
[2016 Product of the Year] KIDU Won the VIP Award for Child Goods Part with Children's Seat Belt Toy 'Hugdoll'
[2016 This Year's Product] SONGHYUN L&C's 'Nudge Safety Spray' is Chosen to be This Year's Safety Product
[2016 Coffee Machine of the Year] 'Baridios', Smart Hand Drip Machine is Received VIP Award
[2016 Eco-Friendly Product of the Year] H&K Global Shows 'ECO-Soil', Eco-Coffee Grounds Compost
[2016 Indoor Air Cleaning System of the Year] T.MAC Receives VIP Award for Indoor Air Cleaning System Based on IOT
[2016 Product of the Year] 'KoreaTravelEasy' Selected as Travel Platform of the Year
[Product of the year of 2016] HARATECH Won the Healthy & Relax Chair Category with Functional Chair "Harachair"
[2016 Product of the Year] VIP ASIA AWARDS 2016 Awarded to 'SOLIGHT' for Eco-friendly Energy Category
[2016 Functional Cosmetics of the Year] Plagentra, a Cosmetics Brand for Pregnant Women and Young Children, Won VIP Prize
[2016 Start-up of the Year] Mypove Won VIP Award for Start-up Part with Multi-use Photography Device 'SELDI'
[2016 Cosmetics of the Year] 'MK Universal' Won the VIP Award at a Cosmetics Company Shining Asia
[2016 Product of the Year] SMDV 'BRiHT-360' Selected as Camera Device Category's Product of the Year
[2016 Beauty Appliance of the Year] Korea Beauty '4D Electric Cleanser' Won the Beauty Appliance Part
[2016 Association of the Year] Next-Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association (NCIA) Won VIP Award by Being Acknowledged in Supporting Companies

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