14th International Beauty Expo Korea 2016
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Latest News  
'International Beauty Expo 2016', Closed with Success! 400 Booths, and Over 1,500 Foreign Buyers
[Beauty Expo Korea] Nexgen Biotech Co., Ltd. Introduces Wrinkle Improvement Cream, Spider Cream
[Beauty Expo Korea] Zymogen, Introduces a Solution to Problematic Skin: Sophora Line
[Beauty Expo Korea] Oilaria Introduces Balm Products Consisting of Korean Sesame and Perilla Components
[Beauty Expo Korea] Biocos Introducing Vitamin C Collagen Powder Ampoule Planning Set
[Beauty Expo Korea] Sharp Color as if putting on Top Coat, Siero's Labbra Oil Tint
[Beauty Expo Korea] Aeryjo, Introducing Various Professional Shadow Products
[Beauty Expo Korea] Wellage, Introduces the Vita Injection Mask and National Mask
[Beauty Expo Korea] 3 Types of Lindsay Magic Mask Will Make Your Skin Healthy
[Beauty Expo Korea] Zivon cosmetic's PLU Show Off Product Line Made of Organic Ingredients
[Beauty Expo Korea] Jeju Techno Park Promote 'Jeju Cosmetic Certification' to Attendee and Buyers at 'Beauty Expo Korea'
"The International Beauty Expo Korea 2016" Opened Its Great Curtain at COEX
[Beauty Expo Korea Preview] Lindsay to Introduce Premium Modeling Mask Pack
[Beauty Expo Korea Preview] Enpelle's Mineral-balanced Formula to Fix Sensitive Skin
[Beauty Expo Korea Preview] Hair Brushes and Foot Files from Bando Beauty Products
[Beauty Expo Korea Preview] Merbliss to Launch "New Bride Ghassoul Clay Mask"
[Beauty Expo Korea Preview] Crystal Clear Skin with Selatena
[Beauty Expo Korea Preview] Kicho to Introduce Its Globally Successful Skin Care Products
[Beauty Expo Korea Preview] Aery Jo to Exhibit Its Skin Tanning Make-up for the Body
The International Beauty Expo Korea 2016 to Begin on Nov. 25

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