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Latest News  
[K-Beauty Expo] EDK Spa Introduces Winter Healing with Its Aroma Essence
[K-Beauty Expo] Cosmetic with Great Customer Review, COSRX
[K-Beauty Expo] Damiin Introduces Its Cosmetic Brands "Unny" and "RNW"
[K-Beauty Expo] California Athleisure Global Brand, Avocado
[K-Beauty Expo Award] J&G Cosmetics' 24K Gold Facial Mask
[K-Beauty Expo Award] Home Esthetic Device "Reclar"
[K-Beauty Expo Award] Professional Nail Brand "Passet"
[K-Beauty Expo] Dr. Hedison's Bulgarian Rose Contains Damask Rose Water
[K-Beauty Expo Award] Wishing Formula Program Cosmetics from Cotterang
[K-Beauty Expo Award] Heavening Whitening Cream from YSJ Company
[K-Beauty Expo Award] Shangpree's Premium Modeling Mask
[K-Beauty Expo Award] Micro Facial Patch "Acropass"
[K-Beauty Expo Award] Mimiang's Two-step Mask Pack Series
[K-Beauty Expo Award] Botulinum Skin Care "BoLCA+"
[K-Beauty Expo] Syringe-type Feminine Cleansing Gel from Wettrust
[K-Beauty Expo] Finish Makeup in 3 Seconds! Shootz' Phoshop Essence Makeup
[Video] The Grand Opening of K-Beauty Expo!
[K-Beauty Expo] Upgraded skin with 9wishes' "Vanishing Balm Ultimate"
[K-Beauty Expo] BonAir Introduces Its Blue and Pink Face Oils
[K-Beauty Expo] Night ReCare Ampoule from Arllin Contains Gold
[K-Beauty Expo] Fashion Brand 13Month Launches Cosmetic Line
[K-Beauty Expo] Bonajour's Skincare Line "Bio Active" Resurrects Skin
[K-Beauty Expo] Dr. G, the Skincare Made by Skin Experts
[K-Beauty Expo] Der Meiren Introduces Stretching Lifting Facial Mask
[K-Beauty Expo] Nail Artist Midae Introduces Neon Nail Colors for Autumn
The Eighth K-Beauty Grand Opens at KINTEX
The Largest K-Beauty Yet Comes Back with More Variety on Oct 13

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