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Latest News  
$83Mil Contract Signed at Connect.W
[Connect. W 2016 Video] Network Security Company Cynix's 360-degree Camera XIR Series
[Connect.W 2016 Video] Mckinley Introduces Wireless IBS Infra-Structure
[Connect. W 2016 Video] Wisenut Enters Global Market with Its Own Search Technology
[Connect. W 2016 Video] Igloo Security's Integrated Security Management Solution
[Connect. W 2016 Video] Knowck's Smart Signage Platform "Cloudcast"
[Connect.W 2016 Video] Chowis' 'Beauty Diagnosis System' Enters in Global Market
[Connect.W 2016 Video] TPLUS Corp Showcases PACS System for Digital Medical Images
[Connect.W 2016 Video] Korea Data Agency Introduces Korean Promising Data Solution Companies
[Connect.W 2016 Video] Smart City Korea Shows Various Smart City Technologies
[Connect.W 2016 Video] WareValley's Enhanced DB Security 'Chakra Max' Enters in Global Market
[Connect.W 2016 Video] Sunje Soft's Big Data Base System, 'In-Memory DBMS SUNDB'
[Connect.W 2016 Video] Athena Shows Connected Smart Car
[Connect. W 2016 Video] CA Technology's Violence Prevention IP Camera
[Connect. W 2016 Video] Dhamul's IoT Smart Home Solution
[Connect. W 2016 Video] Allb, the Wearable Device for Babies
[Connect. W 2016] ASD Korea Introduced Cloud Service "Cloudlike"
[Connect. W 2016] Daliworks' IoT Cloud Platform Service "Thing+"
[Connect. W 2016] Seloco's Semiconductor IoT Terminal
[Connect.W 2016 Video] Shipley Helps Company Be Advanced
[Connect. W 2016] Pnix Communications' Portable High-capacity Battery "MES-500"
[Connect. W 2016 Video] Kocom's IoT Smart City Residence Block "SI"
[Connect. W 2016 Video] Isharingsoft's No. 1 Location Tracking App
[Connect.W 2016 Video] Konestech Showcases Web Application Firewall 'WebCON'
[Connect.W 2016 Video] NEWSJELLY Showed 'DAISY', A Visualization Solution, To Buyers In Overseas
[Connect. W 2016 Video] NET and Human Interface Leads Integrated IT Operation Management Solution
[Connect.W 2016 Video] EXEM Showcases 'MaxGauge' That Monitor Database and Application
[Connect.W 2016 Video] Korea Best Leading Company in USIM Card, Solacia
[Connect.W 2016 Video] Access Mobile's Cutting-Edge Mobile Service Platform 'AdsThru'
[Connect.W 2016 Video] BlueComms introduces portable photo printer 'PhotoBee'
[Connect.W 2016 Video] uPrism Shows Video Conference and Collaboration Solution
[Connect.W 2016 Video] Rsupport Is Ready to Enter in Global Market with 'RemoteCall'

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