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Latest News  
CES Named as a Top 25 Fastest-Growing Show by TSNN
CES Asia 2017 on Track to Be Record Breaking Show
[CES 2017] CES 2017 Catapults a Connected World
[CES 2017] Daegu Sports Complex Industrial Support Center Participates in CES with Three Promising Companies in Korea
[CES 2017] Daegu Techno Park Mobile Convergence Center supports companies of Daegu marketing performance!
[CES 2017] GOQUAL Exhibited a Lighting System to Control the Entire Building
[CES 2017] HWASHIN, Exhibited a Motor Controller and Driving Button Controller for Electric Vehicles
[CES 2017] FALCON, Exhibited 'Outdoor Smart TV' that Supports 70 Countries' Languages in the World and Receiving 170 Channels
[CES 2017] ELIVISION, Will Enter into the Global Market with 32-inch Mirror Kiosk and Power-Saving Switch (ELPOS)
[CES 2017] AR Media Works, Entered the World Market with 'PIOS' Platform Using Smart Glass
[CES 2017] TAEWON INNOVATION, Anyone Can Easily Make an Object VR with 'Appeallook Pro'!
[CES 201] IT Health, Showed a Smart LED Lamp System Targeting for the Market in the North of America
[BEST OF MIK at CES] DROGEN, Entry into American Market through Sports Drones and Toy Drones
[CES 2017] RGB LABS, Showed Controllable Drone by Network
[CES 2017] Smart Venture Institute of Gyeongbuk National University Participated in CES with Four IT Enterprises Together!
[CES 2017] Exercising and Saving At the Same Time! Creators' 'Tortoise' App Released in the United States in January is Looking For A Korean Partner Bank
[CES 2017] SNOWMONS's Skate in the Snow, 'SKIATE' Wants to Enter the American Market
[CES 2017] SEYOUNG CORPORATION (SEC)'s Two-Way Radio Wireless Transceiver, 'WiWi,' is Looking for Buyers in North America
[CES 2017] 3.14, Exhibited a Paper Toy for Coding Training, 'Kimi Bot'
[CES 2017] A Window Cleaning Robot, 'Window Mate' Won Two Prizes for Innovation from CES
[CES 2017] Easy Energy Saving with IoT Smart Power Strip
[CES 2017] 'Smart Drone Technology Center' Supported Participation of Promising Drone Enterprises for CES
[CES 2017] 'Smart Drone Technology Center' , Supports for Promising Drone Company's Participation at CES
[CES 2017] NDS Exhibited Touch Display New Product and Digital Signage Solution
[CES 2017 Video] Second Ground Introduced a Sports Record Platform, 'BACBING' in CES
[CES 2017] NANOREX, Exhibited 'Self Sterilization Film' That Prevents Sterilization and Proliferation of Harmful Virus
[CES 2017] A WORKS Exhibited a Smart Home Device, A-BLOCK
[CES 2017] DROGEN Exhibited Its 2017 New Product in CES
[CES 2017] RGB LABS, Showed Controllable Drone by Network
[CES 2017] 20kg High-Weight Payload-Operable Drone, Gryphon Dynamics, 'XQ-1700SP'
[CES 2017] The United States Recognize the Potential of a Balance Exercise Equipment, 'BUFF-UP'
[CES 2017] Sleep Stimulation Sound Therapy Air purifier 'Clair S'
[CES 2017] New IoT Infant Wearable Device Allb Attending 'CES 2017'
[CES 2017] Yumii Exhibited Voice Command Platform Robot
[CES 2017] CES 2017 Innovation Award Winner, 'Fuse' Introduced Module Earphone
[CES 2017] Miliboo Introduced Smart Mirror 'EKKO'
[CES 2017] 'EyeQue Personal Vision', Which Tests Vision Itself via Smart Phone
[CES 2017] Monument Unveiled Personal Cloud Device
[CES 2017] MEVICS Unveiled a Posture Correction Device 'Mevics'
[CES 2017] Energy Square Wireless Charger Simply Works, Putting a Sticker
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