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Latest News  
[Made In Korea] KOVA to Launch Its e-Platform Global Ventures in September
[Made In Korea] Beer Korea Offers Free Carlsberg Beer to MIK Visitors
[Made In Korea] Korean Traditional Tent Restaurant "Mansikne"
Hanwadam, Beef Restaurant with Wine
[Made In Korea] Yakiniku and Wagyu Steakhouse, Hobak Restaurant
[Made In Korea] Find a Bar Just for Yourself: H-avenue
[Made In Korea] The Gorae, Tteokbokki Place with Fresh Ingredients and 100-day Sauce
[Made In Korea] The Lamb Restaurant with Luxury, Yangpai
[Made In Korea] Ahn International Captures China in Cosmetic Show
[Made In Korea] 99% Identification and Fast Speed, Sonic Stamp
[Made In Korea] Connectivity Design in Space, Studio Samak
[Made In Korea] Treebys Introduced Eye-soothing Patches
[Video] INSight Power Attends MIK and Receives Award from European Startup Media
GCodi Enters MIK with Its Sunglasses Brand "Normz"
[Video] Skono Exhibits at MIK to Enter China Market
[Made In Korea] Korean Tent Restaurant "Mansikne"
[Made In Korea Vide] Smith S3 Introduce 'Smart Office Gear'
[Made In Korea] Smith S3 Introduces "Smart Office Gear"
[Made In Korea] Bench Soft Looks for North American and European Market with Success in Kickstarter
[MIK 2016] Ninware Introduced Kitchenware with Great Ideas and Design
[MIK 2016] S-View Introduces Its Various Products at MIK 2016
[Made In Korea] Korea Venture Business Association Shared Method to Enter in Global Market
[Made In Korea] Rice Clay's 'DIY Food Clay' Introduces Their Products in Global Market
[Made In Korea] For the Smart Golf, PHINETWORKS's 'GOLFNAVI'
[Made In Korea] Golfnavi Makes Smart Golf World
[Made In Korea] 'Sensation' Targets Global Market with Its Unique Design
[Made In Korea] CTL Enters in Global Market with 'Actice Foot Stool Officiser'
[Made In Korea] SF Technology's Radiation Measurement Device
[Made In Korea] SF Technology Enters in Global Market with Its Radiation Telemeter!
[Made In Korea] 3D Printer Company 'Forden Tech', Selected as MIK TOP3 by Finland Media
[Made In Korea]'Allb', Wearable Device for Infants, Targets Global Market!
[Made In Korea] SBN, Public WiFi and IoT Solution Start-Up
[Made In Korea] Spacosa Introduces Car Location Notification Service at MIK
[Made In Korea] Orfeo Soundworks Introduced Bluetooth Cancelling Earphone
[Made In Korea] Design Studio Lim Sungmook
[Made In Korea] Purunsol food's Hearty Food, Using Clean Grain
[Made In Korea] Balhe Cosmetic's "Anut Scalp Serum"
[Made In Korea] Outergram's Silk Strap Adds Value of Camera with Its Unique Design
[Made In Korea] Jewoldang Introduced Vinegar Which Is Good for Colon
[Made In Korea] Dimension OZ Introduced 'Hello PamyPamy' for Childhood Dance Routine and Song Education!
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