KOBA 2007
Mobile  Digital Camera(2)  
Computing  Peripheral (1)  
AV/PA  ProAudio(28)   Misc.(1)  
 Yamaha(4)    Panasonic(4)    Daikyung Vascom(3)    Samasound(3)    Digidesign(2)    Doan Trading(1)    Dongyang Digital(1)    DreamSound(1)    Digital Fusion(1)    Visual Research(1)    Sound Race(1)    Seki Electronics(1)    Sony(1)    Sovico(1)    Iisn systems(1)    Young Nak(1)    InterM(1)    Quantel Korea(1)    Kevic(1)    Fine Trading(1)  
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(85)    English(32)    Japanese(11)    German(7)    Portuguese(Brazil)(4)    Chinese(Simplified)(4)  
Latest News  
Digidesign to present its compact Protools system 'MBOX 2 Mini'
APB Dynasonics to present 32 channel console 'Spectra Series'
Digidesign to present its home recording studio system
AUDIX to present its drum microphone 'D series'
QSC ceiling speaker 'AD-CI52T' in Korea
SHURE to present its gooseneck contenser microphone 'MX405'
YAMAHA to present its compact digital mixing console ‘LS9-32’
Digital mixing console featuring selected channel interface
Genelec Active to present its monitor speaker '1032A'
SCHOEPS to present its shotgun microphone 'CMIT 5U'
120-inch wide touchscreen display 'T-VIEW'
QSC to present its amplifier ‘'Powerlight2’
YAMAHA to present its portable PA system 'STAGEPAS 300'
BOSE to present multimedia speaker system 'Companion 3Ⅱ'
Quantel to present ‘Pablo’ for color management
iisn systems to present its video server ‘Media Deck’
Vascom to present its digital amplifier system ‘CTX 1202A’
Digital Fusion to present its video server 'Sky Way'
Visual Research to present its real time 3D character generator
STUDER to present its digital live console 'Vista 8'
Sony to present its high-end cinema camera 'F23'
Soundcraft to present its digital console ‘Vi4’
Digital live console featuring analog interface
JTS to present its in-ear monitoring system 'SIEM-101R'
Allen&Health to present its live console 'iLive-144'
Panasonic to present HD camcorder ‘AJ-HPX500’ using P2 memory
Panasonic to present its HD camcorder ‘AJ-HPX2100’ using P2 memory
YAMAHA to present ‘DSP5D digital mixing system’
Power mixer 'KEVIC DPM 1204' controlled by computer
Panasonic’s 'AG-HPX500' could be seen at KOBA 2007
Panasonic expects to display its HD camcorder 'AJ-HPX2100'
Dreamsound displays its Line array speakers of L-Acoustics

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