The 38th International Exhibition on Environment Technology & Green Energy
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Latest News  
[ENVEX 2016] Chang Shin Machinery MFG's Maglev Scum Blade Agitator
[ENVEX 2016] UNION Displays Its Patented Chain Technology Filter Press
[ENVEX 2016] Waste Resources Energy Center Promotes Its Solid Fuel Product Registration and Inspection System
[ENVEX 2016] KNR Displays Its Thermal Desorption System and Auto Sampler
[ENVEX 2016] KEMIK Corp. Showcases Its Independently-Developed Ultrafine Particle Sampler
[ENVEX 2016] SMART CARA Introduces Its Triple-Layered, Multi-Filtered Food Waste Disposal Unit
[ENVEX 2016] KENVITECH Showcases Drone-Based Atmosphere Measurement Instrument
[ENVEX 2016] ENINSTRUMENT Showcases Personal Aerosol Monitor, AM510
[ENVEX 2016] DONGWOO OPTRON Displays Its TMS Chimney Gas Measuring System
[ENVEX 2016 Video] Hansu Technical Service Introduces BP-SR, the Sludge Volume Reducing Technology Via Microfaunas
[ENVEX 2016] CHEONSEI INC. Displays Its 'Chonsei Smoothie Controlled Volume Pump' Equipped With Uniform Velocity Camera
[ENVEX 2016] ROYAL PRECISION INC Showcases Its Centrifuge
[ENVEX 2016] WOO&LEE Showcases 'W-tape', the Self Melting Tape
[ENVEX 2016 Video] Jeong Woo ENT Displays SMART MBR System
[ENVEX 2016] Dongmoon ENT Displays 'EXO', a Water Quality Monitoring System
[ENVEX 2016] LEADGENEX Showcases Sorbent that Absorbs Harmful Gas Via Metallic Oxides
[ENVEX 2016] MAT Introduces Industrial Air Filtration System, 'AIR FILTRO'
[ENVEX 2016 Video] KEITI Hosts '2016 Environmental R&D Outcome Exhibition'
[ENVEX 2016 Video] Ministry of Environment Presents '2016 Environment Industry Job Fair'
[ENVEX 2016] ISTEK Introduces Its Lab Equipment, 'K Series' and 'SMSD Program'
[ENVEX 2016] TAIWAN PRESS Makes Their Way Into the Korean Market Via 3-in-1 'Dry Vacuum Filter Press'
[ENVEX 2016] ACEN Showcases Its Olfactometer and Odor Analyzer
[ENVEX 2016] Segi Environment Co., Ltd. Establishes Memorandum of Understanding with Nepal
[ENVEX 2016] Tems Chemical's Eco-friendly Restoration Method
[ENVEX 2016] Dong Il Canvas ENG's One-step Sludge Processing Equipment
[ENVEX 2016] P&I Human Korea's Non-point Pollution Treatment Equipment
[ENVEX 2016] Vogelsang Showcases RotaCut, the High-Efficiency Inline Macerator and Solids Separator
[ENVEX 2016] BELTRAN KOREA CO. LTD Presents Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP)
[ENVEX 2016] Cheongrim ENG's Water Flow Controller
[ENVEX 2016] Ecoset's Central Pipeline UV Water Treatment System
[ENVEX 2016] Ushio Korea Introduces Non-heat Liquid Sterilizers and Air Purifier
[ENVEX 2016] Muhan Technical Company's Centrifugal Separator
[ENVEX 2016] Songpo High Tech's Specialized Factory Automation and Pollution Prevention Equipment
[ENVEX 2016] Eco Glass Saves Heating and Cooling Cost
[ENVEX 2016] Comde-Derenda Presents APM – 2 Air Pollution Monitor
The Largest Environmental Show in Korea ENVEX Starts
[ENVEX 2016] USHIO KOREA, INC Introduces XeFIria, an Ionizer for Sterilization and Deodorization
[ENVEX 2016] Lumiq by IQ-Group Presents Intelligent LED MidBay Luminaire
[ENVEX 2016] Segi Environment's Floating Purification Device
[ENVEX 2016] OunR2Tech Introduces Refrigerant Collecting Equipment
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