KOBA 2016
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Latest News  
[KOBA 2016 Video] SeoKwang To Win Tech Displays Various Broadcasting Equipment and Routers
[KOBA 2016] iTOP 21 and Slomo TV Presents Their Replay System
[KOBA 2016] ATBIS Demonstrates ATSC 3.0 Solution for Signal Generators
[KOBA 2016] EJ INFOSYS CORPORATION Displays LED Electronic Whiteboard
[KOBA 2016 Video] 'International Conference' Bridges Today and the Future of MCN Industry
[KOBA 2016 Video] IEXCO Introduces Interference-Free Wireless Conference System, DICENTIS
[KOBA 2016 Video] PI International Showcases Evertz, a 4K Delivery System
[KOBA 2016 Video] KOBA Technology Seminar: On Professional Skills in Diversified Audio, Video and Lighting and Real-Life Know-Hows
[KOBA 2016 Video] FREEPATH AUDIO MIXER, an Analog-Digital Hybrid Mixing Console by ACADEMY Information & Communication
[KOBA 2016 Video] Hansam System Presents MA DOT2 SL-F, a Light Controller
[KOBA 2016 Video] 'KOBA Technology Seminar,' A Know-How Lecture of Professional Broadcasting, Audio and Light Technology
[KOBA 2016 Video] YAMAHA Music Korea Showed All-in-One Consol, 'QL Series'
[KOBA 2016 Video] Mypove Showcased 'SELDI,' Shooting Equipment for A Single Media
[KOBA 2016 Video] Net Media Showed 'Alpha-Beam,' Triaxis Gimbal Cam Tool
[KOBA 2016 Video] Korea Tektronix Showcased Various Solutions for Rio Olympic Broadcasting
[Video] Varavon Showed 'Birdycam Gimbal Lite' for Mirrorless Camera at KOBA 2016
[KOBA 2016] JD-MEDIA Introduces Centralized Broadcasting System and SR System for Professionals
[KOBA 2016] WINMEDIATECH Introduces Their Emergency Lead Broadcasting System
[KOBA 2016] Brightcove Makes Multi-Platform OTT Services Easier and Quicker
[KOBA 2016 Video] "The 26th Korea International Broadcast Audio & Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA 2016)" Overview
[KOBA 2016 Video] An Outlook to Media's Future, "KOBA World Media Forum 2016"
[KOBA 2016 Video] Canon Korea Consumer Imaging, a Forerunner in Technology and Refined Design
[KOBA 2016 Video] Sony Korea Unveils 4K Line-Up
[KOBA 2016] Manufacturer of Wireless Microphone System in Mainstream Broadcast Stations, SYSCOM
[KOBA 2016] KOOLSIGN Displays Their 4K Decoder
[KOBA 2016] Panasonic Korea Demonstrates 4K Total Broadcast Solution
[KOBA 2016] Daehan Ultravision Showed a Front Dock Type Display
[KOBA 2016] KEVIC Introduced Various Speakers
[KOBA 2016] PAXKO E&I's 'ADAM Audio GmbH' Realizes Work Environment by Speaker
[KOBA 2016] J-International Trading Showed 'GIGAREX's Wireless Inear'
[KOBA 2016] MC Media Solution Introduced '4K Video Emitting Solution'
[KOBA 2016] AVAVISION Introduced Seamless LCD Multi Wall
[KOBA 2016] Codex Presents Codex Production Suite
[KOBA 2016] Xiamen Qiangli Jucai Opto-Electronic Introduces T1.25 Indoor SMD Full Color
[KOBA 2016] Fraunhofer IIS Presents MPEG-H Audio and Fraunhofer Cingo
[KOBA 2016] Korea AVICS Introduced Korean HD PTZ Camera
[KOBA 2016] Mpac Showcase MIDAS' Mixing Consol Which Endures at High Temperature and Extreme Environment
[KOBA 2016] ISP Tech and Light Link Showed LED Panel
[KOBA 2016] Leader of A/V System and Digital Media Total Solution, BMS Telecom
[KOBA 2016] Brexel Showed All-in-One Broadcasting System
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