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Latest News  
Convergent Contents Enterprise, 'Mofac & Alfred' Introduces a New Domestic Trend Based on VFX and IP Animation
Ted World, Knocking on the Global Market with TV Animation, "Capsule Boy"
Children Health Care Vita Long Series, Find It in Bookstores in The Latter Half of 2017
Launching On The 22nd English Studying Application, Contents Updated By A Native Real Time, "Moving Pattern English"
'Synergy Media' Is Pioneering A New Market with A Cinema Version of 'Fly, Superboard'
Ulala LAB Won The First Prize on Global SME Sector at 'ITU Telecom World 2016' Award
'Noise-Blocking' Bluetooth Earphones from Orfeo Soundworks Soon Selling at Amazon
Cedar Is About to Release Do-Order, A Digital Signage
VR Car Racing Game "Overtake" Globally Launched Simultaneously in Mobile and VR Version
'SPACOSA', Which Is Ahead of Southeast Asian Market Entry Participates in '2016 Smart City Expo World Congress'
TwoEyes Tech to Introduce 360° VR Camera at CES 2017
SPACOSA Launches Gper, The First Location Tracking Device for SKT IoT Lora
Meet The 'Codimaster', The After School Program Management Mobile Web Service
'Wonil Games' and 'Escaper Studio' Launch 'Overtake,' The Car Racing Game Exclusively for Samsung Gear VR
Valuable Investment Opportunities Made Through "2016 SmartContent & VR Biz Day"
Smart Factory Platform Maker ulalaLAB Sets Joint Venture in Shanghai
Spacosa Dedicates Itself to Locate Where the Schoolbuses Are
Digital Motion Builds Motion Capture System and AR VR Platform
Kokilico Launches Storybook App "1Day1Book" for Prenatal Education
2016 Smart Content & VR Day Ends in Success
Companies under Smart Content Center Display Their VR Contents at 2016 Smart Content & VR Day'
[Interview] MSIP Supports VR Industry All the Way for the Future of Korea
Smart Content & VR Day Conference Seeks for the Future of VR Industry and Business Strategy
2016 Smart Content & VR Day Held!
Blog Reporter Appointed for K-ICT Smart Content Center
[Video] A Perfect Combo of ICT Technology and Analog Sentimentality from a Baby Product Specialist
[Video] How to Listen, a Customizable English Listening Training App with Over 40,000 Contents
New TOEIC Vocabulary Memorizing App with SNS Features "Moving New TOEIC" Launched
LODEV Launched Ticketbox 6, Mobile Ticketing Service without Extra Fees or Membership
Korea's UlalaLAB Equipped with IoT Technology Enters a MOU Agreement with China's Government-Affiliated Organization
Cedar, a Revolutionary Advertising Company Specializing in 'Digital Signage'
CES Innovation Award Honoree Orfeo Starts Kickstarter Funding with Its Noise Blocking Bluetooth Earphones
Pison Contents Launched 'MAPA,' Music-Album-APP Creating Service
Automobile Control Service App "Ah!Cha" Launched
K-ICT Smart Content Center Scouting Their 1st Group of Bloggers to Raise Publicity
sounDUX, a Korean Company, to be the First Foreign Company Registered on Z-innoway, China's Silicone Valley

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