2016 MIECF
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Latest News  
[2016MIECF Video] Tsinghua Tongfang introduce its smart lightings
[2016MIECF] HUA HONG TRADING Showed Construction Materials, Utilizing 'Cork'
[2016MIECF] 'HALAX,' Oder Removing Toilet, Using Negative Pressure
[2016MIECF] 'ENVAC' to Deliver Waste by Underground Pipes
[2016MIECF Video] China Dynamics introduce its Pure Electricity Bus
[2016MIECF] EMCO Showcased Building Entry Mat Which Got 'Cradle to Cradle' Certification
[2016MIECF Video] EMCO introduce its e-scooter
[2016MIECF] BONKIT Showed 3-Step Wood Floor Management Program
[2016MIECF] AEL Showed 'Smart Weighing System That Helps Waste Collection
[2016MIECF] MIECF Macau Is Forum Exhibition That Professionals from All Over the World Visit
[2016MIECF] 'MEGAMAN' Showcased Smart Lightening Solution
[2016MIECF] HUANGHAI AUTO Showed Electricity Bus with Monocoque Body
[2016MIECF] AVASS' Electricity Bus That Has Superior Battery Ability
[2016MIECF] EMCO Showed Electricity Scooter That Realizes Fast Speed
[2016MIECF] 'AiryPack,' Pursuing Eco-Friendly Package Industry
[2016MIECF] Lifa Air Showed Air Cleaner That Catches Formaldehyde
[2016MIECF] Yutong Automobile Showed Pure Electricity Bus 'E10'
[2016MIECF] Opening of 2016 Macao International Environmental Co-Operation Forum & Exhibition, This Year's Theme: 'Waste Management'
[2016MIECF Video] Opening Ceremony and VIP Booth tour of 2016MIECF
[2016MIECF Video] Booth Sketch of 2016MIECF
[2016MIECF Video] Interview with Dr.h.c. Walter R. Stahel, "Waste management"
[2016MIECF] Macao International Environmental Co-Operation Forum & Exhibition to Be Held End of March

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