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Latest News  
[KIMES 2016 Video] 'Xiros,' Ball Bearing That Works with Various Applications
[KIMES 2016 Video] SamboVentec Showed 'IASO HB-501,' Medical High-Pressure Oxygen Chamber with Carbon Dioxide Reduction Technology
[KIMES 2016 Video] DRGEM Showed 'DR,' Digital X-Ray Examination Equipment
[KIMES 2016 Video] AT System Showed Body Shape and Spine Pain Management Equipment, 'eChiro'
[KIMES 2016] Medical Dream Showed Various Massage Chairs
[KIMES 2016] Hanlim Medical Showed Medical Physys
[KIMES 2016] Wonjin Mulsan Showed 'POWER-Q SERIES,' Compressure Limb Therapy System
[KIMES 2016] Latexx Showed Sterilization-Free Medical Gloves
[KIMES 2016] Dongbang Showed Electric Treatment Devices
[KIMES 2016] BIT Computer Showed Smart Healthcare Solution 'BIT Care'
[KIMES 2016] WonTech Showed 'Lavieen,' Fraxel laser, and Aesthetic Equipment
[KIMES 2016] Solar Korea Showed Heating Equipment, Using Infrared Light
[KIMES 2016] AL-Brooj Industries, Pakistan Implant Surgery Tool Professional
[KIMES 2016] Redbalance Showed Rehabilitation and Fitness Program and Equipment
[KIMES 2016] Girjae Soft Exhibited 'VR Ultrasound Diagnostic Units' That Is Able to Check Embryo's Figure
[KIMES 2016] StraTek Showed Various Rehabilitation, Including Low Frequency Stimulator
[KIMES 2016] Laseroptek Introduced 'Pallas' That Is a Laser Treatment Device for Leucoma or Psoriasis
[Video] Head to the Hot Site of 32nd Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show!
[KIMES 2016] AMT Engineering Showed 'A-Tone,' Pigment Eliminating Laser Treatment Device
[KIMES 2016] Hironic Showed New 6 Products Which Uses Ultrasonic Wave Device Hifu
[KIMES 2016] JVM Showed New Product, 'Fully Automatic Medicine Distribution Cabinet System'
[KIMES 2016] Medy Tox Showed 'Neuramis,' Filler That Is Developed by Themselves
[KIMES 2016] Bomtech Electronics Showed 'A-ONE,' One Click Automatic Face Diagnosis System
[KIMES 2016] N-Finders Attended 'The 32nd Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show'
[KIMES 2016] JM Tech Showed 'Robot ATT,' Robot Spine Treatment System
[KIMES 2016] UIC Commercial Firm Showed 'Storz Medical,' Swiss Brand' Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment Device
[KIMES 2016] Oxygen Ceuticals Showed Pure Oxygen System and Got Attention from Chinese Customers
[KIMES 2016] Remed Showed 'ALTMS,' Magnetic Stimulator for Depression Treatment
[KIMES 2016] Meta Biomed Showed Ultrasonic Wave Device 'Smart Sono'
[KIMES 2016] 'Panasonic Korea,' Leading Well-Aging Culture for Better Life
[KIMES 2016] Choice Technology Showed Smart Thermostat 'Thermosafer'
[KIMES 2016] LOWTEM Showed Plasma Sterilizer That Has Convenience and Economic Aspects
[KIMES 2016] ITI Technology Showed Infotainment TV for Sickbed to Provide Convenience to Doctors and Patients
[KIMES 2016] Alops Showed 'Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer' That Has Convenience and Rapidity
[KIMES 2016] Color 7, No Worry for Period Pain! 'Woman Stress Free'
[KIMES 2016] DS Maref Showed Various Smart Pneumatic Medical Equipment
[KIMES 2016] InBody Showcased 'InBody 770,' Body Composition Analyzer of Best Option
[KIMES 2016] Leading Technology, Better Healthcare! 'KIMES 2016' Opens at COEX
[KIMES 2016 Preview] ORIENT NEXON will show safe plastic medical device
[KIMES 2016 Preview] Medilyn will show centralized analytics platform
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