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Latest News  
[CES 2016] Bonaverde Introduced All in One Coffee Machine from Grinding to Roasting
[CES 2016] 'Spot' Introduced a Personal Location Sending Device That Is Based on Satellite Communication
[CES 2016] Footmoov Introduced Smart Shoes That Show User's Feet Movement
[CES 2016] BlasterZone Introduced VR Device for Game, 'BlasterX'
[CES 2016] 'SmartAtoms,' Smart Clock That Shows Various Information Through App
[CES 2016] Palo Alto Innovation Introduced 'Sandman,' a Clock That Is Able to Charge Devices
[CES 2016] Bedphones Introduced a Belt-Shaped Earphone for Sleep
[CES 2016] Arkamys Introduced a Mike That Rotates 360 Degrees
Korean ICT Companies with Outstanding Technology Receive Positive Reviews at 'CES 2016'
[CES 2016] 'Mynt,' Portable GPS Device, Utilized in Every Situation
[CES 2016] Enlaps Introduced the World's First Limitless Time Elapse Solution
[CES 2016] Emicro Introduced a Motion-Controlled Electronic Scooter
[CES 2016] ACTON Introduced a Smart Skate 'RocketSkates' That Can Be Attached to Shoes
[CES 2016] 'Headset Tracker X2,' Smart Bracelet That Has Separate Design of Bracelet and Headset
[CES 2016] 'Pipsqueak,' Bluetooth Smartphone for Children
[CES 2016] Edge Introduced a Backpack 'BOLT' That Stores 17 Inch Laptop
[CES 2016 Unveiled] Akoustic-arts Introduced Directional Sound Device, 'A'
[CES 2016] Toughtested Showcased Outdoor Products, Optimized to Field Activity
[CES 2016 Unveiled] Speedify Introduced a System That Makes Mobile Internet Faster
[CES 2016 Unveiled] VideoStitch Introduced '360 Degrees Video Streaming'
[CES 2016 Unveiled] Swar Gusta Luggage Company Introduced a Smart Travel Carrier, 'Swar Gusta Luggage'
[CES 2016 Unveiled] HYDRAO Introduced Smart Shower, 'eco-sensitive smart shower'
[CES 2016] HORIZON HOBBY Introduced Convenient Multi Copter, 'HobbyZone Sportsman S+'
[CES 2016] FLIR System Introduced a Thermo-Graphic Camera for Outdoor, 'FLIR SCOUT'
[CES 2016] FLIR System Introduced a Thermo-Graphic Imaging Camera, 'FLIR VUE pro'
[CES 2016] HORIZON HOBBY Introduced a Multi Copter, 'BLADE VORTEX 250'
[CES 2016] HORIZON HOBBY Introduced a Multi Copter, 'BLADE MACH 25'
[CES 2016] HORIZON HOBBY Introduced Camera Drone, 'CHROMA'
[CES 2016 Unveiled] Trinity's NuAns Introduced New Smartphone
[CES 2016 Showstoppers] HP Introduced Various Laptops, Including 'Star Wars Special Edition Laptop'
[CES 2016] Re-fuel Introduced Various Battery Devices
[CES 2016] Amped Wireless Introduced Long-Ranged Cameras, 'APOLLO' and 'APOLLO pro'
[CES 2016] 'Simplehuman,' Smart Mirror That Controls Brightness, Recognizing User's Face
[CES 2016] Skully Introduced the World's First AR Helmet
[CES 2016] Plantronics Introduced Intelligent Bluetooth Earphone
[CES 2016] FLIR System Introduced an Infrared Thermometer 'FLIR TG130'
[CES 2016] Plantronics Introduced 'RIG 500E' for E-Sports Players
[CES 2016 Showstoppers] HP Introduced Ink Change Service, 'Instant Ink'
[CES 2016 Unveiled] POLAR Introduced a Smart Band That Measures Heart Rate
[CES 2016 Showstoppers] Decibullz Introduced a Customized Earphone
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