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Latest News  
[2015 This Year's Products] The Artisans Spirit in Shoes, 'Love In Hate'
[2015 This Year's Products] Nissan's 'Maxima', All-rounder of Sports Sedan, Won the Prize in Car
[2015 This Year's Products] Ssangyong Motor's 'TIVOLI', Wiping The Floor of Domestic Small SUV Market, Won the Prize in Car
[2015 This Year's Products] BodyBling, Sound Wave Vibrator of EnS Tech, Won the VIP Prize
[2015 This Year's Products] Daliworks' Thing+ Won the VIP Prize, Building Easy and Fast IoT Service
[2015 This Year's People] Kim Young Hoo, Chairman of Human in Love, Won the VIP Prize by International Relief and Development Works
[2015 This Year's Products] 'Smart Box,' IoT Basis Smart Object Delivery System, Won the VIP Prize!
[2015 This Year's Product Video] Hyundai Fomex Wins VIP Award for Flexible LED Lighting Product
[2015 This Year's Product] Why Artists Love These Shoes? Difference Between 'Quality and Design', Leading Brand of Women's Shoes, 'RYU'
[2015 This Year's Product] 'Dignity' of Dessert, Lady M Korea
[2015 This Year's CEO] Sharon Lee, CEO of RF, Won the Prize in CEO Who Graced Asia
[2015 This Year's Product Video] Biellee Showcases Luxury Bio Cosmetics, Which Build Solid Foundation for Skin
[2015 This Year's Products] Every Hot Actresses knows! LIZK, 1st C Pure Vitamin C Total Care Serum
[2015 This Year's Products Video] MARCCAIN'S 'F/W COLLECTION LINE'
[2015 This Year's Products Video] 'FALKE' Captured Customer's Mind With Superior Quality and 100-year-old History
[2015 This Year's Brand] NFM Promotion Receives VIP Award in Fashion Show Directing Category
[2015 This Year's Brand] JEONNAM TOURISM Receives VIP Award for YEOSU GYEONGDO GOLF & RESORT, the Only Island-Type Golf Course
[2015 This Year's Product] GN INTERNATIONAL Receives VIP Award for Rainbow Lamp, Combination of Cup and Lamp
[2015 This Year's Brand] Silverking Receives VIP Award for Senior Care Facility Business Consulting
[2015 This Year's Product] JWORLD INDUSTRY Receives VIP Award for Silion Mat, Made of Eco-Friendly Materials
[2015 This Year's Brand] Pu:Raffine Receives VIP Award for Natural and Refined Hair Styles and Makeup
[2015 This Year's Product] NANOREX Receives VIP Award for Its Dual-Sided Screen Display
[2015 This Year's Product] Premium Wagon 'Bebepram' Receives Award in Baby Product Category
[2015 This Year's Exhibition Video] Korea International Boat Show, One of Three Boat Shows in Asia, Wins Award in Exhibition Category for Marine Leisure Industry
[2015 This Year's Product Video] Epson Korea's Smart Glasses 'Moverio BT-200' Wins Award in Mobile Category
[2015 This Year's Product Video] iCubis' Educational App 'Muddly Monsters' Wins Award in Mobile Category
[2015 This Year's Product Video] SMARTCARA's Eco-Friendly Food Waste Disposer 'CS10' Wins Award in Home Appliance Category
[2015 This Year's Product] Premium Bluetooth Earphones 'MobiFren GBH-S700' Wins Award in Bluetooth Headset Category
[2015 This Year's Product Video] KNOWCK's Smart Signage System Wins Award in Mobile Category
[2015 This Year's Brand] CRAFTHOUSE Receives VIP Award as Best Subsidiary Material Provider for Handicraft and DIY Products
[2015 This Year's Product] Melephant Receives VIP Award for Its New Conceptual SNS Video Cast
[2015 This Year's Product] CHUCACLUB Receives VIP Award for Its Wedding Service
[2015 This Year's Product] KR SOLAR Receives VIP Award for Patented Solar Color Module
[2015 This Year's Product Video] Feelux's Easily Detachable Light 'JumpLine' Selected as One of This Year's 100 Products
[2015 This Year's Product Video] NATURE LOVE MERE Receives Award for Its Eco-Friendly Baby Products at 'VIP ASIA AWARDS 2015'
[2015 This Year's Product] SEJOONGIS Receives VIP Award for Commercializing Retail Analysis Service
[2015 This Year's Product] ATEN Korea Receives VIP Award for Its HDMI Transmission System with Almost No Delay
[2015 This Year's Products] Sherpa C&C's Eco-friendly Ventilator Won the VIP Prize
[2015 This Year's Product] PHOTOCLAM's Carbon Tripod 'Meister' Wins VIP Award
[2015 This Year's Product] U-HANPRESEN Receives VIP Award for Laser Pointer That Can Draw Lines and Shapes on PPT Files
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