Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2007
Mobile  MP3P(17)   Misc.(16)   Earphone Headset(10)   Cellphone(3)   VoIP(3)   Navigation(2)   PMP(1)   UMPC(1)   Electronic Dictionary(1)  
Computing  Peripheral (9)   Storage(4)   Misc.(2)   Digital Camera(1)   Security(1)  
Home Appliances  Small Kitchen(7)   Households(5)   Misc.(5)   Heating Cooling(4)   Large Kitchen(3)   Beauty(3)  
Life  Misc.(9)   Health Care(5)   Toy(1)  
Housing  Lighting(11)  
Motors  Accessory(6)   Misc.(1)  
Misc.  Misc.(7)  
Industry  Field News(1)  
AV/PA  Misc.(8)   Home Theater(6)   TV(6)   Antenna(1)  
Game  Game(3)  
 Goodway(5)    Ciatronic(3)    Favour Light(3)    NextBase(2)    ANIKO(2)    Celleden(2)    Halloa(2)    Hivi(2)    Hivox(2)    Jasonic(2)    Leetac(2)    Linkage(2)    Mayhem(2)    Minfeng(2)    Naki(2)    Neo-Neon(2)    Podera(2)    R.Stone(2)    Rockridge Sound(2)    Roger(2)    Sanus Systems(2)    Spirit-on(2)    SYSBAY(2)    Ultmost Technology(2)    U-way(2)    Vertronix(2)    Xoinx Watch(2)    Zenith Lighting(2)    Geowoo(1)    Bokuk Electronics(1)  
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(178)    English(163)    German(111)    Japanese(44)    Portuguese(Brazil)(38)    Chinese(Simplified)(33)    French(6)    Spanish(3)    Russian(1)  
Latest News  
GOLDMATE to present its cone-shaped speaker 'SP-001’
SHENGFU to present its blood pressure measurer 'SF822B'
GMC100 to present its car-use LCD displays
Sunlight to present its car mp3 player
Super Sunny to present its mini component for Dubai market
Veritronix to present its slim Bluetooth speaker 'VX-818'
VERITRONIX to present its mp3 player 'HB-671'
Dong Rong to present its colorful speakers
Elongtech to present its 'Tire Warning System'
Nomenta to present its electronic translator for travelers
Wireless headset supporting FM transmitter
RedPower to present its car-use navigation device 'GPS-898'
XIANHE to present its backup storage device '306B'
Hisung to present its iPod docking speakers
[Novelty] A mini speaker only for iPod Shuffle
MINFENG to present its movable air conditioner 'MFPH38-1140'
HIVI to present its high-end pc speaker 'T200A'
MINFENG to present its wall-mounted air conditioner
[Novelty] JASONIC to present its mouse shaped IP phone 'CR-932'
GOODWAY to present its 3-layer steam cooker ‘GF-339-E’
JASONIC to present its cone-shaped USB hub
STARLINE to present its stylish USB memory 'RUBBY-STRIPED'
One Audio to present its pen type mp3 player series
GOODWAY to present its palm size travel iron 'TR-901'
Ni-MH battery charger adopting LCD display
HIVOX to present its healthcare device 'i-Slim HD'
Universal plug adapter supporting USB charger
Kaya to present its game controller set 'P3 racing wheel pro'
[Novelty] Swivel type iPod nano case
Stormblue to unveil its high-end mp4 player 'A20'
GOODWAY to present its steam iron with water tank
Qiaohua to present its DVB-T antenna 'UVR-AV1000'
MDS Technology to present its solution board for UMPC
SINO Wealthy to present its 'computer & internet timer'
CKT to present its mobile phone for elders
Multi-plug adapter supporting universal socket outlet
[Novelty] Jewelry-style accessories for multimedia devices
Portable battery chargers with various colors
XENIC to present its shaver for men and women
AGOG to present its 'Eyewears' for vivid experience of watching DVD
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