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Latest News  
[Video of K-Beauty 2015 Awards] People&Co's 'Color Cosmetics', Developed to Meet Customers' Needs, Wins Bronze Medal!
[Video of K-Beauty 2015 Awards] Wettrust Korea's 'Inner-感' for Women Wins Gold Medal!
[Video of K-Beauty 2015 Awards] Limsworld Introduces 'Lindsay Modeling Mask'
[Video of K-Beauty 2015] Aromame Showcases 'Special Pore Tightening Pack'
[Video of K-Beauty 2015] Beauty People Introduces 'Snow White Special Edition'
[Video of K-Beauty 2015 Awards] EN Korea Unveils 'CLEO-PINE Ampoule'
[Video of K-Beauty 2015] Popberry Korea Showcases 'Milk Soap', Which Produces Lather Equal to Cream
[K-Beauty 2015] Mind to Body, Premium Candles for Body Therapy
[K-Beauty 2015] ReinPlatz Cosmetic Unveils Natural Ingredient Berry Masks
[K-Beauty 2015] 'HwaHae', App That People Should Use Before Purchasing Cosmetics
[K-Beauty 2015] Bags Complete Fashion! Lifestyle Bag Brand ECBC
[K-Beauty 2015] Haudongchun Solves Women's Inconveniences During That Time of Month with JilGyungYi!
Celebration of Korea's No. 6 Ranking in World's Beauty Industry! Opening of K-Beauty!
[K-Beauty Preview] PN Kids, Gummy Vitamins in Flavors Kids Love!
[K-Beauty Preview] Refan Bulgaria's Popular Franchise to Showcase in Korea
'K-BEAUTY EXPO 2015' Prepares Various Additional Events
K Beauty, the Most Popular Beauty Show to Open in September

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