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Latest News  
[KOREA LAB 2015] Hansung Measurement's High-resolution LCD Scale
[KOREA LAB 2015] Horiba Korea's Measurement and Analysis Equipment
[KOREA LAB 2015] Testo Korea's Wireless Temperature Humidity Monitor Testo Saveris
[KOREA LAB 2015] Jeio Tech's Drug Medicine Safety Testing Chamber
[KOREA LAB 2015] Ika Korea's Rotary Evaporator
[KOREA LAB 2015] Yuil Lab's Internal Spectrophotometer
[KOREA LAB 2015] Dongmoon ENT's Organic Carbon Analyzer
[KOREA LAB 2015 Video] Advanced Analytical Consulting Group: Young In
[KOREA LAB 2015 Video] CHC LAB's Experimental Equipment
[KOREA LAB 2015 Video] Dongil Shimadzu's Organic Carbon Analyzer TOL-L
Assemblage of R&D Equipment at "KOREA LAB 2015"
[KOREA LAB 2015 Preview] Aisimo to Showcase Lab Consumables
[KOREA LAB 2015 Preview] Sciospec to Showcase Spectroscopy
[KOREA LAB 2015 Preview] Sorfa Medical to Lab and Medical Consumables
[KOREA LAB 2015 Preview] Bante's Lab Instruments for Water Quality Meters
[KOREA LAB 2015 Preview] Cynagen's Chemiluminescent and Fluorescent Dyes
[KOREA LAB 2015 Preview] Micropipettes? Microlit to Showcase at Korea Lab

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