2015 MIECF
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Latest News  
[2015 MIECF Video] Win2 Pacific Limited Shows its Turbo Water Ionizer 'UCE 9000'
[2015 MIECF Video] Easy Organic Farming Introduces its Easy Caring eGarden
[2015 MIECF] Fintrade Mercer Displays its Odor Eliminating Toilets
[2015 MIECF Video] Tivoli Presents its Wide Variety Linear LED Lights
[2015 MIECF] Newland Introduces its Smart Green Parking System
[2015 MIECF] KESBO Technology Showcases its Oil and Smog Purifying Kitchen Hood
[2015 MIECF Video] Interview With Gro Harlem Brundtland, "Sustainable Development"
[2015 MIECF] YUNZHOU-Tech Previews its Water Quality Monitoring Unmanned Vehicle
[2015 MIECF] Green Building Development Expert in Global Engineering, CECEC
[2015 MIECF] ZOOMLION Previews its Food Waste Recycling System
[2015 MIECF] Tivoli Presents its Wide Variety Linear LED Lights
[2015 MIECF] Energy Efficient Curtain Wall System from Le'ster
[2015 MIECF] Nam Kwong Group Limited Exhibits its Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Methods
[2015 MIECF] Donasonic Introduces its Integrated Waste Recycling System
[2015 MIECF] Siemens Unveils its Building Energy Efficiency Improvement Solution
[2015 MIECF] Renault Showcases its 100% Electricity Powered ZOE and Twizy Cars
[2015 MIECF] AIRESTEC Unveils its Systems Sanitation and Energy Conservation Technology
[2015 MIECF] BMW Previews its Environmentally Friendly Electric Car, the 'BMW i3'
Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition Kicks Off its Opening Ceremony
[2015 MIECF Video] Opening Ceremony and Booth sketch of 2015MIECF
[2015 MIECF Video] Dr. Gro, "2015, a Crucial Year for Collaboration"

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