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Latest News  
[KIMES 2015] Gamzi's Wearable Taping Clothing "Tapit"
[KIMES 2015] Thera Skin Medical Band Prevents Scars
[KIMES 2015] High-Freq Hairbrush "Dumoen" Prevents Hair Loss
[KIMES 2015] Non-surgical Robot Spinal Treatment Equipment "Robotic-ATT"
[KIMES 2015] Bofeel's Adult Walker with Auto Brakes Adds Safety and Convenience
[KIMES 2015] Imir Introduced Snoezelen Psychological Treatment Cube
[KIMES 2015 Video] Gemss Medical's X-ray Imaging Device "SPINEL 12HD"
[KIMES 2015 Video] Alpinion Medical Systems' Ultrasound Medical Device "E-CUBE Series"
[KIMES 2015 Video] Insung Medical Showcases Eco-friendly IV Line and Catheter
[KIMES 2015 Video] Vision Scientific Showcases Compact Centrifugal Separator "VS-100B-N"
[KIMES 2015 Video] Bistos Showcased Fetus Monitoring Device "BT-350"
[KIMES 2015] Jeio Tech's World-class Blood Refrigerator and Agitator
[KIMES 2015 Video] Miele Showcased Its Innovative Sterilizers
[KIMES 2015] Medipia Presents Soft Endoscope Sterilizer "Endo Clean" Series
[KIMES 2015 Video] Sometech's 3D Video Microscope for Surgery
[KIMES 2015 Video] Bit Computer Introduced Integrated Medical Information and U Healthcare Solution
[KIMES 2015] TiMed Introduces Venowave, a Blood Circulation Helper
[KIMES 2015] U BioMed's No Pain Needle Drug Delivery System
[KIMES 2015 Video] Danil SMC Showcases New HIFU Equipment
[KIMES 2015 Video] MI One Offers HD All-in-one Camera System "Insight-One"
[KIMES 2015 Video] Mobi U Introduces New IV Pole, "EZpole"
[KIMES 2015 Video] Ultrasound Machine Upgragded from Hitach Aloka Korea
[KIMES 2015] Naum Care Introduces Hartmann's Products for Bedridden Patients
[KIMES 2015 Video] Total Healthcare Company "Inbody" Goes Global
[KIMES 2015 Video] Black Stone's Half Body Bath and Hot Pack
[KIMES 2015] Sooryun Introduces Customizable Massager "Bodywell"
[KIMES 2015] IMT Korea Showcases "Dual Filter Syringe"
[KIMES 2015] Leetek Introduces Patient Pager for Hospitals
[KIMES 2015] Korea's Largest Medical Show Opens Today
[KIMES 2015 Preview] UNION MEDICAL to Showcase New Skin Lifting Equipment Airjet
[KIMES 2015 Preview] Infunix to Showcase Motion Artifact Patient Monitors
[KIMES 2015 Preview] DS MAREF's to Showcase Pneumatic Medical Equipment
[KIMES 2015 Preview] Jawon Medical's Wireless and QR-enabled BCA
[KIMES 2015 Preview] GOODPL to Showcase Stylish Massage System "Aqua Line"
[KIMES 2015 Preview] Patient Monitors with Mountable Parts from VOTEM
[KIMES 2015 Preview] Lionbridge, Global-localization Jawon Medical's Wireless and QR-enabled BCA
[KIMES 2015 Preview] LINKOPTICS to Showcase LED Medical Equipment
[KIMES 2015 Preview] Mediana's Patient Monitors and Defibrillators
[KIMES 2015 Preview] Medien to Showcase Digital Arm and X-ray Detector
[KIMES 2015 Preview] Gamzi's Award-winning Compression Sleeve for the Body
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