CeBIT 2007
Mobile  Cellphone(33)   Digital Camera(22)   Navigation(20)   MP3P(18)   VoIP(16)   PDA(13)   Misc.(12)   Earphone Headset(7)   Digital Camcorder(5)   UMPC(4)   MobileTV(3)   PMP(3)   4G Technology(2)   RFID(1)  
Computing  Peripheral (31)   Component(18)   Notebook(16)   Storage(15)   Printer(15)   Network(14)   Misc.(13)   Monitor(13)   Desktop(6)   Security(3)   Digital Camera(1)   DivX(1)  
Home Appliances  Small Kitchen(1)  
Life  Misc.(1)   Robot(1)   Health Care(1)  
Housing  Lighting(5)   Furniture(1)  
Motors  Accessory(3)   Misc.(1)   Toyota(1)  
Misc.  Misc.(1)  
Industry  Field News(80)   Industry(1)   Visual Talk(1)  
AV/PA  TV(14)   Misc.(13)   Projector Screen(6)   Home Media Center(5)   Antenna(1)  
Game  Game(2)  
 Samsung Electronics(60)    Sanyo(9)    Toshiba(6)    Bluebird Soft(6)    Sagem Communication(6)    Linksys(5)    Sony Ericsson(5)    Planet(5)    Pretec(5)    Zyxel(5)    Samsung Techwin(4)    Sharp(4)    Pavonine(4)    Navisis(3)    Sandisk(3)    Asus(3)    EnerMax(3)    SDT(3)    Cooler Master(3)    A-Data(3)    Clevo(3)    Flybook(3)    IF Design(3)    Kodak(3)    NEC(3)    3NOD(2)    4G Systems(2)    Nokia(2)    Duzon C&T(2)    Dotel(2)  
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(663)    English(444)    German(296)    Chinese(Simplified)(118)    Portuguese(Brazil)(111)    Japanese(107)    Italian(92)    Russian(19)    Spanish(8)    French(3)  
Latest News  
Samsung to present its smartphone 'SGH-i320N'
Samsung’s lady phone with lovely design
Samsung to present its HSDPA phone 'Ultra Edition 12.1'
Tucana to present its 17-inch all in one pc
Sony Ericsson to present 3.2M Cyber-shot phone ‘K810i’
Sony Ericsson to present its 3G phone ‘Cyber-shot K800i’
Sony Ericsson to present PDA type business phone ‘P990i’
Sony Ericsson to present its slim business mobile phone
Samsung to present its dual mode handset 'SGH-P210'
Samsung to present its triband GSM/EDGE phone ‘SGH-E830’
DUZON to present its stamping scanner 'NEO SCAN HANDY'
Linksys to present its wireless PTZ camera 'WVC 200'
Linksys to present its telephone adopting router functionality
Samsung to present its mobile TV phone 'SGH-P940'
Digital Data Communications to present its USB storage enclosure
Linksys to present its wireless USB network adapter 'WUSB200'
Spire to present its high-capacity power supply
C&S to present its IP phones adopting 'CRONUS' chip
ZyXEL to present its network storage device 'NSA-310'
ZyXEL to present its VDSL device 'P-2802 HWL'
ZyXEL to present its wireless router 'NBG-415N'
ZyXEL to present its wireless Ethernet adapter 'PLA-450'
ZyXEL to present its network storage device 'NSA-220'
Samsung to present its premium handset 'SGH-E900'
Samsung to present its 'mp3 Swing Phone'
Credit card size handset featuring leather case
LG-Nortel to present its WiMAX video phone
NOKIA to present its navigation phone 'Nokia 6110 Navigator'
‘Nokia 5300 XpressMusic’ storing up to 1,500 songs
Sigma to present its 14M compact digital camera ‘DP1’
[CeBIT2007 Visual Focus] Panoramic View on the hall #9
[CeBIT2007 Visual Focus-People] Russian idols
Blaupunkt to present its 3.5-inch navigation
[CeBIT2007 Visual Focus-People] ibo
MIADS to present its iPod speaker dock
YAMAHA to present its IP audio conference system ‘PJP-50R’
Origen AE to present slim size HTPC case ‘S10V’
Polycom to present its HD video communication system ‘HDX 9000 series’
Your notebook pc could be a 3G device
Silver Stone to present its high-end pc case
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