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Latest News  
[WIS 2014] Captionlook, The Cloud Language Practice Service With Big Data
[WIS 2014] Multi Ubiquitous Introduced 'U-Handy System', Smart Unattended Delivery System
[WIS 2014] YH DATABASE Unveiled No-Active X Type Keypad Secure Solution
[WIS 2014] OPENIT Showcased Bicycle Navigation "OPEN RIDER"
[WIS 2014] XIIlab Introduced "Smilero" Providing Promotion Service For Small Business
[WIS 2014] NKIA Introduced POLESTAR XEUS, The IT Service Cloud Management Solution Platform
[WIS 2014] VM Soft Introduced "Clairview," An Efficient Integrated Control Solution
[WIS 2014] Innowireless Displayed LTE Small Cell Femto
[WIS 2014] DQ Introduced eRMS, The Resource Management System
[WIS 2014] DON Introduced VH & UH-200 Series
[WIS 2014] TV Storm Introduced Google TV & HTML5 Solution
[WIS2014] ROBOBUILDER Unveiled Humanoid Robot RQ-TITAN
[WIS 2014] Sechang Instrument Introduced 'Wepware' Contents Cloud Service
[WIS 2014] Yally's Talking Doll, 'Kkaemang'
[WIS 2014] Fabulous Unveiled New Media Contents
[WIS 2014] Neolab Convergence Had 'N2' Launch Event And Signed On For It
[WIS 2014] Consider C Succeeded In Giving The Feeling Of Riding With 'RX Cycle'
[WIS 2014] Opencreators's 3D Printer With Unification Technology Applied
[WIS 2014] Kamon Shows Off 60° Image VR Recording System
[WIS 2014] 9FruitsMedia's Extremely Immersive Snowboard Simulator
[WIS 2014] Toysmyth Unveiled Smart RC 'HAMMER' & 'SIMSIMI'
[WIS 2014] Mckinley Showcased Smart Wireless Unifying System
[WIS 2014] DASAN Demonstrate 10 Giga Internet Service
[WIS 2014] CISCO's Next Generation Firewall & Video Conference System
[WIS 2014] Global Huawei's Consumer Products Seen In Busan
[WIS 2014] SK's Smart Digital Class, BOXCHOOL
[WIS 2014] KT's Giga World, GiGA KOREA
[WIS 2014] LG Display From 21:9 Cineview To G3 !
'WORLD IT SHOW 2014' Has Kicked Off On A High Note
[WIS 2014] Samsung Showcases Its All Products and Technologies
[WIS 2014] The Latest Digital Content Technologies Seen At One Place! 'Digital Contents Future Vision Pavillion'
[WIS 2014] See The Future of ICT, WORLD IT SHOW 2014 Press Party
[Preview: WIS 2014] Napatech To Show Off Its Accelerators Faster Than Networks
[Preview: WIS 2014] OptoTech To Bring Laser Micro Marking System & Laser Surface Inspection System
[Preview: WIS 2014] Proximiti's Location-Based Services Platform For Companies
[Preview: WIS 2014] BYROBOT's Drone Fighter, An Easy Micro Combat Flying Robot

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