Busan International Senior Expo 2014
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Latest News  
[Busan Senior Expo] 'Hearing Words Even In The Mind' - Bokeum's Hearing Aid
[Busan Senior Expo] Braun, Showcase 'ExactFit 5' For Accurate Measurement Of Blood Pressure
[Busan Senior Expo] Safe Antiseptic Towelettes, Ecolife's 'Mediwiper'
[Busan Senior Expo] Turning to 'Green' For 10,000 Steps - REDESIGN 'DIPDA Line'
[Busan Senior Expo] Happy Senior, Busan Techno Park Senior Products Industrial Center Demonstration Zone
[Busan Senior Expo] DPS-KOREA Introduces T-Shaped Toothbrush
[Busan Senior Expo] KITECH Showcases Its Electronic Wherechair
[Busan Senior Expo] CU Medical System's Low Power AED 'CU-SP1'
[Busan Senior Expo] Healthone's 'Feet Acupressure Mat'
[Busan Senior Expo] DONG Yang MDC's Medical Beds
[Busan Senior Expo] Shinwoo Frontier Showcases Portable Lift
[Busan Senior Expo] Easystep Korea's Walking Rail System
[Busan Senior Expo] Kyungseo Machines's Clever 'Automatic Non-Pressure Extractor'
[Busan Senior Expo] Ire+m Care Showcases Personalized Wheel Chairs
[Busan Senior Expo] Wheelopia, Portable Ramp For People With Disability
[Busan Senior Expo] Attention Getter Booth, Sungji's Eco-Friendly Three-Wheeled Electric Car 'Three Wing'
[Busan Senior Expo] Healnix Boast Diverse Sssistive Medical Devices
[Busan Senior Expo] Siemens Hearing Instrument, The Best Hearing Aids Made By German
[Busan Senior Expo] The-K Third Age Suggests Gold Life!
[Busan Senior Expo] Featured Forum: 'The World Anti-Aging Forum 2014'
All The Senior Related Products Under One Roof 'Busan International Senior Expo 2014' Starts!
[Busan Senior Expo] ANGEL MEDICAL's 'Angelisme' Cooling Pack Excellent For Pain Alleviation& Skin Calming
[Busan Senior Expo] Haeun's 'HIP ONLY' & 'FUNTIONAL SLIPPER'
[Busan Senior Expo] AIDER To Introduce 'Elevate Drop Foot Brace'
[Busan Senior Expo] BIO SOUND Lap's Multifunctional Bluetooth Hearing Aid 'HA-200'
[Busan Senior Expo] OPL Korea To Showcase Various Orthotic Footwear
[Busan Senior Expo] Gunja To Showcase 'LED Stand Magnifier'
[Busan Senior Expo] Kwangzin's 'NAZOA ' Easy But Powerful Massager
[Busan Senior Expo] IREA CHEMICAL ENTERPRISE To Showcase Functional Natural Paint 'Morning Inthe Forest'
[Busan Senior Expo] Smart LED Stand 'Shine Holic' With Fire & Emergency Alarm
[Busan Senior Expo] Wheel Line To Showcase Collapsible Wheelchair & Varous Sports Wheelchair
Taerim Medical Exhibit The Human Resource Wave (TDP) 'Aladdin-H'
Nanoloessroom Exhibit A Dry Foot Bath At The 7th Busan International Senior Expo
Fluxever Exhibit A Variety Of Senior Products At The 7th Busan International Senior Expo
'7th Busan International Senior Expo 2014' To Be Held On 26th at BEXCO

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