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Latest News  
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[GITCT DEMO DAY] 'Toz Animation Studio' Producing Character Based Animation
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[GITCT DEMO DAY] Sunny Side's 3D Slapstick Comedy Animation 'DOONG DOONG'
[GITCT DEMO DAY] Virtual Video and 3D Content Developing Company 'NextAeon'
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[GITCT DEMO DAY] YOUBIS Show off Perchase Service To Import Korean Wave Products
[GITCT DEMO DAY] 'ONESYSTEM' Shows Off 3D e-Book Authoring Tool
[GITCT DEMO DAY] Wisdom&Vison Develops 'Gosilatte', A Mobile Educational Platform Application
[GITCT DEMO DAY] Yangtoon Developing Educational Games
[GITCT DEMO DAY] Q LAP's Game Specialized Crowd Funding Platform 'Tenspoon'
[GITCT DEMO DAY] GOOSL's Discount Information Alarm Service 'Deading Zone'
[GITCT DEMO DAY] Namyang Telecom, In Cooperation With the Gwangu CGI Center
[GITCT DEMO DAY] 'ENBsoft' Providing Deferred Payment Advertisement Platform For Small Businesses
[GITCT DEMO DAY] 'WITCHES' Features Unique Design and Idea

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