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Latest News  
'BIO & MEDICAL KOREA 2014' Turn Off Its Light, Showing The Future of Health Industry
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] SEC Shows Off Table-top Mini Scanning Electron Microscope
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] BioJK's 3D Artificial Supporter Production Equipment '3D Bio-SPS'
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] Binex's 'Biscan N Capsule', Bacterial Medicine for Intestinal Disorders
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] Celliconlab Introduces Peptide Cosmetics 'Jeu'Demeure'
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] Regeron's 'Pristeen-Claire' Reinforces Skin's Regenerative Ability
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] Calming·Moisturizing Effect All At Once! Dr.JinaCha
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] Ben's Lab's Degenerative Arthritis Improvement Functional Raw Material 'NSAIF-Q'
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] Interview With A Representative of ASEBIO, The Host of 'biospain 2014'
[Video] Show Floor - 'BIO & MEDICAL KOREA 2014'
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] HANLAB, Introducing Independently Developed Automatic Balancing Centrifuge
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] Yigal Erlich, Chairman of the Yozma Fund Who Delivered Opening Speech
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] L&C BIO, 'Multi-Functional 3 Stage Skin Healing Solution' For Sensitive Skin
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] Main Tech's 'EZ REGULAR' Infusion Set that Injects an Accurate Amount
[BIO & MEDICAL KOREA] Special Session 'National Health Economy 2030 Vision and Promotion Stragety'
All The BIO & MEDICAL Industry Under One Roof! 'BIO & MEDICAL KOREA 2014' Has Opened

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