3GSM World Congress 2007
Mobile  Cellphone(86)   Earphone Headset(6)   MobileTV(2)   PDA(2)   UMPC(1)   Misc.(1)   MP3P(1)  
Computing  Peripheral (3)   Notebook(1)   Component(1)  
Motors  Accessory(1)  
Misc.  Misc.(1)  
Industry  Industry(6)  
 Nokia(19)    LG Electronics(15)    Samsung Electronics(12)    Sony Ericsson(12)    Motorola(11)    Samsung(9)    ZTE(5)    Sagem Communication(4)    Panasonic(3)    Eleksen(3)    Toshiba(2)    iRiver(2)    HTC(2)    Gigabyte(1)    Research In Motion(1)    Sharp(1)    Mcubeworks(1)    Intromobile(1)    Polymer Vision(1)    HP(1)    I-mate(1)    paraddax(1)    Telit(1)  
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(219)    English(112)    German(86)    Italian(69)    Spanish(30)    Chinese(Simplified)(25)    Portuguese(Brazil)(24)    French(10)    Japanese(6)    Russian(3)  
Latest News  
[3GSM Review-LG] metal candy-bar Shine phone 'KE770'
[3GSM-Nokia] Wireless plug-in car hands-free 'HF-33W'
[3GSM-Sony Ericsson] 'Talk & Text' concept candy bar -'J110'
[3GSM-Sony Ericsson] Cyber-Shot phone(4) – ‘K320’
[3GSM-Sony Ericsson] Cyber-Shot phone(3) – ‘K200’
[3GSM-SAGEM] SAGEM handset series (1) - my200C
[3GSM-SAGEM] SAGEM handset series (3) - my150x
[3GSM-SAGEM] SAGEM handset series (2) - my800C
[3GSM-Sony Ericsson] Bluetooth headset series (1) - HBH-PV705
[3GSM-Sony Ericsson] Bluetooth Headset series (2) - HBH-PV702
[3GSM-Sony Ericsson] Bluetooth headset series (3) - HBH-PV710
[3GSM-Sony Ericsson] Bluetooth headset series (4) - HBH-IV835
[3GSM-Nokia] Nokia Bluetooth headset series(2) - BH-303
[3GSM-Nokia] Nokia Bluetooth headset series (1) – BH-208
[3GSM-ZTE] ZTE mobile phones (5) - A39
[3GSM-ZTE] ZTE mobile phones (4) - F890
[3GSM-ZTE] ZTE mobile phones (3) - E700
[3GSM-Samsung] World's slimmest 5.9mm-thick bar-type handset 'Ultra Edition 5.9'
Walk through the colorful scene with ‘FogScreen’
[3GSM-Toshiba] Dual-color handset ‘TS605’ targeting young generation
[3GSM-Samsung] Premium card phone comes with a leather case integrating battery
[3GSM-ZTE] ZTE mobile phones (2) - A37
[3GSM-ZTE] ZTE mobile phones (1) - F880
Nokia to present 4.13-inch multimedia pc 'N800 Internet Tablet' with wide touch-screen
[3GSM-Samsung] Samsung shows 9.6mm ultra slim folder ‘Ultra Edition 9.6’
Telit to showcase HSDPA service using its HSDPA module 'UC864'
[3GSM-Samsung] Dual-mode handset ‘SGH-P210’ based on Unlicensed Mobile Access
[3GSM-Nokia] Nokia mobile phone(6) - NOKIA 2310
[3GSM-Nokia] Nokia mobile phone(5) - NOKIA 6300
Intromobile to present its intelligent mobile widget platform ‘SmartPath’
Mcubeworks to introduce its mobile TV solutions
[3GSM- Panasonic] Panasonic to present 10.4-inch industrial notebook pc ‘CF-08’
[3GSM-Nokia] Nokia cellular phone - Nokia '2310 classic'
Toshiba to present its ‘G500’ featuring more extended PC connectivity
[3GSM-Samsung] Premium limited handset wearing African natural blackwood material
Eleksen fabric keyboard series (3) – Double-sided model
Eleksen fabric keyboard series (2) – Bluetooth-enabled model
Eleksen fabric keyboard series (1) - yellow color wired model
[3GSM-Gigabyte]Gigabyte to introduce its smartphone 'Gsmart t600' supporting mobile TV
[3GSM-Nokia] Nokia mobile phone(4) - NOKIA 6290
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