KES 2005
Mobile  Misc.(2)   Earphone Headset(1)   PDA(1)   MP3P(1)   PMP(1)   Navigation(1)  
Computing  Peripheral (1)  
Housing  Lighting(1)  
Industry  Field News(4)  
AV/PA  TV(4)   Home Theater(1)  
 Samsung Electronics(2)    Erae(2)    Philips(2)    Neosol (1)    Bluebird Soft(1)    Solarpark(1)    Asiana IDT(1)    Accupix(1)    Jium(1)    Chungyoung Digital(1)    Hyundai IT(1)  
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(41)    English(18)    French(2)  
Latest News  
Philips ‘Streamium’, the best compact audio in Europe
J2 & Vitze, representative Korean Internet TVs
ERAE, 50-inch PDP TV equipped with the scaler chip of Pixelworks
Bluebird, PDA working with CDMA & WLAN or CDMA & GPS
Which do you prefer? Navigation or DMB?
Samsung & LG on the frontline of Cell phone battle
“The world-biggest...the world-first…” Samsung vs. LG
Philips, upgraded version of Ambilight TV
Solar Park, Solar lamp-Charge in the daytime and use at night!
Samsung Electronics, MP3P with 1-inch micro-drive built inside
JIUM, cooler for laptop ‘Cycooler’
CHUNGYOUNG DIGITAL, wine-glass figure portable speaker
HYUNDAI IMAGEQUEST, 32-inch LCD TV with detachable speaker
ACCUPIX, enjoy 30-inch screen with MP-glass
Asiana IDT, a versatile headset ‘earomix’
Samsung Electronics, PMP with TV recorder/TV-out ‘YM-P1’
KES 2005, LG & Samsung battling each other
KES 2005, Samsung & LG battling each other

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