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Latest News  
The 30th Korea International Medical&Hospital Equipment Show: Who Are The Key Companies?
[30th KIMES 2014 Video] DAEKYUNG's 'MD-180000', Healthcare Robot Massage Chair with Urine Analysor
[30th KIMES 2014] CHARMCARE Introduced Pulse Monitor Wearable Solution
[30th KIMES 2014 Video] Korea E&EX President Choong Jin Kim, ''KIMES will be Truly Ranked in Top 5 Medical Shows in the World!"
[30th KIMES 2014] JW Medical Showcased Digital X-ray 'VIDIXⅡ'
[30th KIMES 2014] BIT Computer Showcased Wellness Home Healthcare System
[30th KIMES 2014] GE Healthcare showcased Holter Recorder 'SEER™ 1000'
[30th KIMES 2014] DS MAREF Showcases 'DL1200H', Compression Therapy System
[30th KIMES 2014] i-SENSE Showcases No Coding Blood Glucose Monitor 'CareSense®N NFC'
[30th KIMES 2014] Daiwha, Leading Localization of Infusion Pumps
[30th KIMES 2014] Jawon Medical Displays 'EX PLUS 1300' Automatic Pressure Monitor
[30th KIMES 2014] M-Technology Showcases 'IRIS Series', Endoscope Washer&Disinfector
[30th KIMES 2014] MEDIANA Displays Multifunctional Defibrillator/Monitor 'D500'
[30th KIMES 2014] Medical Supply Showcase Handheld Pulse Oximeter
[30th KIMES 2014] Mesh Medical Develops Infrared Heat Meter 'T-1000 SMART'
[30th KIMES 2014] LISTEM Introduces Automatic Disital X-ray System
[30th KIMES 2014] JM Tech Showcases Robotic Spine Correction 'Robotic-ATT'
[30th KIMES 2014] SpineMT Introduces Pressure Reducing Spine Correction 'SpineMT K-1'
[30th KIMES 2014] Vision Scientific, Showcases its New CO2/O2 Incubator
[30th KIMES 2014] AMI Global's Submicron Particle Scalp Treatment 'Hair Scaling'
[30th KIMES 2014] Overview Video: The 30th Korea International Medical& Hospital Equipment Show
[30th KIMES 2014 Video] Sleep&Health's Personalized Sleep Apnea Curer 'BIOGUARD'
[30th KIMES 2014] Bionic Medica, Showcased the Multi-functional Showerhead 'Shewell' for Women
[30th KIMES 2014] Boryung Soo&Soo Introduces the Portable ECG Meter 'ER-2000'
[30th KIMES 2014] Bokjung Showcases 'Bodycom', the Multi-Function Meter(Body Fat, Scale)
[30th KIMES 2014] AinA Showcases the LED Phototherapy Skin Treatment Device
[30th KIMES 2014] Meta Networks Introduces USB-type Skin Diagnosis Equipment
[30th KIMES 2014] Panasonic's Experience Booth for Horseback Riding Exerciser 'Joba'
[30th KIMES 2014] DavinchXT's 3D Diagnosis Exercise System 'CENTOUR'
[30th KIMES 2014] CLASSYS's Noninvasive Fat Reduction System,'CRYOLIPO II'
[30th KIMES 2014] OMRON Showcases Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Pulse Monitors With Fit Cuff
'The 30th Korea International Medical&Hospital Equipment Show(KIMES 2014)' has Kicked off!
[Preview KIMES 2014] SurplusGLOBAL to Introduce Various Used Medical Equipment
[Preview KIMES 2014] BS MEDICAL to Showcase X-CARⓈ for Wrinkle·Scar Treatment
Discover Your Vision at Asia's Leading Medical Exhibition on 13th at COEX !
[Preview KIMES 2014] HealthNuri to Exhibit the Shoes with Toe Protection Gear
[Preview KIMES 2014] Mega Medical to Launch ENT Hybrid Navigation System
[Preview KIMES 2014] Maxstar's Newly Developed Compressible Limb Sleeve Systems
[Preview KIMES 2014] Mobiu Corporation to Release EZPole, The Wearable Mobile IV Pole
[Preview KIMES 2014] Seodong Medical Showcases 'NURIEYE-5800' for Dry Eye Syndrome
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