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Latest News  
[Showstoppers Video] Smart Content Center showed up at CES 2014!
[CES 2014 SmartContent] KAMON's '360-degree Photography VR Filming System' Realizing Interactive Video
[CES 2014 SmartContent] Game & Education Convergence : PUBL Studio's 'G-learning App Book'
[CES 2014 SmartContent] Pison contents's Facebook Music platform 'Music spray'
[CES 2014 SmartContent] 'Easy & Elly' : 3D Animal Character Kids' App for English Education
[CES 2014 SmartContent] hisSHOW's 'HisSHOW BIBLE' bible education program in English & Spanish
[CES 2014] Korean Silicon Valley 'Smart Content Center' Showed up at CES 2014!
Korean Silicon Valley; 'Smart Content Center' participating in 2014 CES
[Preview CES 2014] PUBL Studio showcasing a new concept of SNS for KIDS and G-Learning Contents!
[Preview CES 2014] Interesting Bible Animation of Hisshow 'Hisshow Bible'
[Preview CES 2014] 'Easy & Elly' English Education App of iCubis
[Preview CES 2014] Pison contents will show off Music distribution platform 'Music spray'
[Preview CES 2014] KAMON, displaying '360-degree Photography VR Filming System'
Smart Content Center, Stimulating Support for Startups by holding 'Business Day'
Music distribution platform 'MusicSpray' has made a contract with the largest Asian music store KKBOX!
'Global stars' SNS displayed in your own language'; Fanda App released
Chinese character learning app 'Drawing Hanja' gearing up for App market
App with QR Code for S.Korea Traveling, 'QR Learning' Launched
ENBsoft to Launch "CLIPxCLIP", the Must-have Clipping App of parents for iPhone
BGM Open Market 'MUSICPLUG' to Win Japanese Provider Contract for Music Providing Service

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