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Latest News  
[KORMARINE 2013] KORVAL, Displaying 'Law-Temperature high-pressures Control Valve'
[KORMARINE 2013] SILLA METAL, developing 'SHAFT', Specialized Propeller for Ship
[KORMARINE 2013] HANIL-FUJI built global logistics system of marine equipments
[KOMARINE 2013] DongHwa Entec displayed Heat Exchanger for Marine Shipbuilding Plant
[KORMAINE 2013] Schneider displayed power and energy management integration solution for offshore plant
[KORMARINE 2013] KANGRIM Heavy Industries displayed marine boiler
[KORMARINE 2013] PANASIA displayed BWTS, 'GloEn-Patrol'
[KOMAINE 2013] BIP 100% localized Cabin Interiors
[KORMARINE 2013] BOSCH exhibiting the marine diesel engine fuel injection system
[KORMARINE 2013] Tyco presenting firefighting equipment for vessels
[KORMARINE 2013] Techcross displaying eco-friendly ship water management equipment
[KORMARINE 2013] TTS Built Global Shipbuilding Materials Network
[KORMARINE 2013] Hyundai Heavy Industries introducing the next generation FLNG
[KORMARINE 2013] SIEMENS Shows off Electric Propulsion System for Energy Saving
[KORMARINE 2013] Rockwell Automation Korea to display the integrated control solution specialized for the shipbuilding
[KORMARINE 2013] DSME, Strong at Marine Plant Construction Technique
[KORMARINE 2013] DK-LOK Introduces Its 3 Primary Products
[KORMARINE 2013] ALPHATRON to exhibit best-selling marine antennas
[KORMARINE 2013] Jotun Introduces HPS Newbuilding Solution for Improved EEDI and ship performance
[KORMARINE 2013 Video] Jotun Has Launched HPS Newbuilding Solution
[KORMARINE 2013] Atlas Copco Presents its Space-Efficient Screw Compressors
[KORMARINE 2013 Video] Show Carriage expresses the interest of UK in the Korean market
[KORMARINE 2013] DNV GL to Be the World's Largest Classification Society
[KORMARINE 2013] Rolls-Royce unveils new maritime patrol vessel design
[KORMARINE 2013] STX Shipbuilding exhibiting the high-speed missile ship
[KORMARINE 2013] KTsat unveils Satellite Communication Service on Ships
[KORMARINE 2013] Wärtsilä's Offers Integrated Solutions for Offshore Market
[KORMARINE 2013] EMERSON Introduces Smart Wireless Solution
[KORMARINE 2013] JONGHAP Shows off Photo Catalysis Air Sterilization Cleaner
[KORMARINE 2013] SMS Shows off Hatch Cover & Lashing Bridge
[KORMARINE 2013] EATON presenting the explosion-proof LED fluorescent lights
[KORMARINE 2013] STAUFF Unveils The Most Advanced Ocean Equipment
[KORMARINE 2013] Nexans Korea presenting the nontoxic and flame-resistant, high-pressure marine cable
[KORMARINE 2013] KOC Electric introducing Marine and Industrial Transformer Switchboard
[KORMARINE 2013] Samyoung ENC taking over the domestic and foreign market with the new marine equipment
[KORMARINE 2013] GE boasting a world class level in marine engines
[KORMARINE 2013] LS Cable & System taking a leap forward the world
[KORMARINE 2013] PANASIA, Voyage to the First-class Company
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