IFA 2013
Mobile  Industry(50)   Cellphone(3)   Earphone Headset(1)  
Home Appliances  Industry(2)   Large Kitchen(1)  
Life  Industry(1)  
Automobile  Ford(1)  
 Sony(10)    Samsung(3)    Acer(2)    Pittasoft(2)    Philips(2)    LifeProof(2)    Pitasoft(2)    Ricoh(2)    3Doodler(1)    Netgear(1)    Divoom(1)    Loewe(1)    Macally(1)    Bosch(1)    sonic chair(1)    Elmo(1)    Jabra(1)    Siemens(1)    Klipsch(1)    Tennrich(1)    Panasonic(1)    Ford(1)    Huawei(1)    Aedle(1)    Beyerdynamic(1)    Binatone(1)    BRAVEN(1)    Connected Data(1)    CSR(1)    Ecovacs(1)  
Language : :   Korean(82)    Japanese(71)    English(70)    German(59)  
Latest News  
[IFA 2013] LiferProof presents 'nüüd,' waterproof case
[IFA 2013] Rollei introduces Action Camera Sunglasses
[IFA 2013] Yurbuds presents 'Sport Earphones'
[IFA 2013] Golla opens '2014 Collection of design bag'
[IFA 2013] Exelway showcases ultra slim sound bar 'STA1400TBR'
[IFA 2013] NETGEAR presents wirless transformer
[IFA 2013] Connected Data showcases 'Transproter,' Cloud Storage
[IFA 2013] Beyerdynamic presents its Ultimate 'T51p' On-Ear Headphones
[IFA 2013] SONY presented Smartphone Wi-Fi lens
[IFA 2013] SONY presented ' SmartWatch 2', its water-resistant smartwatch with NFC
[IFA 2013] J5 Creat presented android dock
[IFA 2013] MyFC presented 'POWERTREKK', it's a portable fuel-cell charger
[IFA 2013] ELMO presented its mobile projector 'BOXi MP-350'
[IFA 2013] Acer announced 'Liquid S2,' High Definition Android Smartphone
[IFA 2013] 'The Brick,' Retro Style Cellphone comes back
[IFA 2013] SONY introduces Full HD curved LED TV
[IFA 2013] Acer Ultrabook P3
[IFA 2013] Zerodesktop announces Family Friendly Android PC Monitoring 'MiiPC'
[IFA 2013] Divoom introduces 'Bluetune-Bean,' portable Bluetooth Speaker
[IFA 2013 Video] Ricoh announces its Imaging Device 'THETA′ synchronized with smartphones
[IFA 2013 Video] Philips unveils M1X-DJ Sound System for iOS Devices
[IFA 2013 Video] Samsung announce its 'Galaxy Tap 3 Kids'
[IFA 2013] LifeProof Showcases First Waterproof, Shockproof Smartphone Cases without Screen Cover
[IFA 2013] ZAGGkeys introduces 'Universal,' Bluetooth Keyboard
[IFA 2013] tapHOME introduces 'tapHOME,' home power control system
[IFA 2013] Eton Coporation showcases 'Soulra rugged rukus'
[IFA 2013] CSR introduces the thinest keyboard in the world
[IFA 2013] Aedle presents high quality headphone 'VK-1'
[IFA 2013] XPAL Power showcases 'Spare One Plus' for emergency situation
[IFA 2013] Western Digital presents ultra slim portable storage
[IFA 2013 Video] Ecovacs announce its Window cleaning robot 'WINBOT 730'
[IFA 2013 Video] Hand-held 3D printing pen 3Doodler unveiled at IFA 2013
[IFA 2013 Video] Keyos announce its simple smartkey 'LEO'
[IFA 2013 Video] JD Sound announce its portable DJ Controller 'PDJ'
[IFA 2013] Special Multi-Media space 'Sonic Chair'
[IFA 2013] CEO Alan Mulaylly says "Ford is ahead of Connectivity and Safety for future car."
[IFA 2013] TennRich introduces smartphone case with supplementary battery
[IFA 2013] Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO, prefers wearable device
[IFA 2013] Braven, showcasing of '855s' Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
[IFA 2013] LAB.C introduces Smartphone case with a built-in Apple eight-pin Lightning connector
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