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Latest News  
[PIS 2013 Video] Interview with the India's oldest fabric producing company, Reymond Inc
[PIS 2013 Video] Interview with ABTex Inc, Pakistan's melange yarn exporting agency
[PIS 2013 Video] Interview Sutlej Inc, India's yan, fabric, home textiles producing company
[PIS 2013] In this winter, wear faux fur of Donglim rather than real fur!
[PIS 2013] Magic Plus, an air permeable fabric of Joo Heung FNC
[PIS 2013] Headone has all kinds of digital print you want
[PIS 2013] Printers printing rich and soft colors
[PIS 2013] Lucks is focus on global market rather than domestic market
[PIS 2013] Unique 'safety design & photosensitive clothes' of INHWAMALL
[PIS 2013] Delicate print of SFT's designed transfer paper
[PIS 2013] K.I.T, reexporting its products through differentiation
[PIS 2013] BAEKSAN's Jacquards has good 3D and stretch feature
[PIS 2013] Forty eight years tradition and experience of KATRI
[PIS 2013] There is HIGGX bags, more popular than higgs particles
[PIS 2013] Expensive but good quality goods, Kusan Apparel
[PIS 2013] All the laces of Korea are here
[PIS 2013] Korea Tex exhibits its knit, embo, and sheen memory
[PIS 2013] Young Poong Filltex, the hottest company among buyers!
[PIS 2013] SIMA exhibits its double cloth with abundant volume and natural surface texture
[PIS 2013] FITI Testing & Research Institute, the results of 5 decades of test and evaluation service know-how
[PIS 2013] Seojin Textile exhibits its high pressure garment dyed products
[PIS 2013] R&D Textile exhibits its acetate fibers for women's wear
[PIS 2013] Jinwon Textile exhibits its nylon memory & vintage materials
[PIS 2013] Sealon exhibits seam sealing color tapes for outdoor wear
[PIS 2013] Hanyoung Textile Printing exhibits a prize-winning work at 2013 Textile Design Contest
[PIS 2013] OpTitex Korea shows avatar model fitting and 3D pattern CAD
[PIS 2013] SE YOUNG Textile exhibits its differentiated union cloth for women's jacket
[PIS 2013] Soft texture of Harry Textiles' blouse for women
[PIS 2013] SSANG YOUNG Spinning's Lohas hanji's socks for clean and healthy feet
[PIS 2013] HANSOL ECO shows fabrics with moisture management feature
[PIS 2013] KTC supports textile companies in Daegu-Kyeongbuk region
[PIS 2013] DOW F.I exhibits its fabric made of natural materials from Dendropanax morbifera LEV
[PIS 2013] YD TEXTILE exhibits its fabrics dyed with beautiful colors
[PIS 2013] SAE HWA TEXTILE exhibits its functional polyester fabric
[PIS 2013] WATEC exhibits its tricot knot for outdoor wear
[PIS 2013] WOOREE NANOPHIL revealed its 'ritex,' a breathing fiber for outdoor casual clothes
[PIS 2013] Visionland exhibits organic & functional materials for shirts and blouse
[PIS 2013] JUNG AN Textile exhibits various material for women's wear like high multi chiffon
[PIS 2013] Isn't it hard to choose pure organic products without any chemical?
[PIS 2013] LINO, a leading company in linen industry, invades material market with the trend, 'Healing'!
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