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Latest News  
'SENDEX 2013', welfare & healthcare exhibition, ended in great success!
[SENDEX] Meet the Silver robots needed for the Elderly in the Future Pavilion compromised of Silver Robots
[SENDEX] C&S Tech to show 'Clematis' Luxurious Wheelchair of Swedish Brand
[SENDEX] ENDOGEN to show 'Three-tier Folding Cane' having colorful design
[SENDEX] EUN HAE MEDICAL to introduce 'Mattress Preventing Bed Sore'
[SENDEX] HANKOOK BED to show'Motorized Medical Bed' for both a patent and a caregiver
[SENDEX] Forever HealthCare to introduce 'Position Change Cushion' spreading body weight effectively
[SENDEX] Han Young to introduce 'Hiiler Sitting Cushion'
[SENDEX] Hardwood 'Moving Commode' without any risk of overturn
[SENDEX] Active Pro Korea to show 'Let's go out Walker'
[SENDEX] Active Korea to show 'Let's go out Walker'
[SENDEX] 'Electric Scooter' of advanced specifications
[SENDEX] Reduce DropFoot with walking aids 'aider'
[SENDEX] 'SUECOS', the shoes to lessen fatigue
[SENDEX] Take-care at here, Sung Sim Medical Supply
[SENDEX] Acehinge-tech to develop 'Hinge' realizing smart environment
[SENDEX] 'SORIAN', Laptop type unit changing letters into voice for blind
[SENDEX] 'Tae Hong's ligament and joint guard' to provide comfortable feeling to use for a long time
[SENDEX] Korea Bed, "All Things about Bed specialized in Hospital"
[SENDEX] Panasonic Eco Solution Shin Dong-A to show 'Welfare devices having relaxedness and smile'
[SENDEX] Hyun Medical to show 'Thetford Porta potti' a moving toilet for the Disabled and outdoor activities
[SENDEX] RS Care & Service to show 'Ti-Life', personalized and ultra-light wheelchair
[SENDEX] MiKi Korea to draw lots of attention again in SENDEX
[SENDEX] 'White U', adult diaper for more comfortable and clean life
[SENDEX] NEOLFN to realize attachable auxiliary power units for manual wheelchair
[SENDEX] Baby carriage for Children and Silver car for the elderly
[SENDEX] JKC INTERNATIONAL to show products of UNITREND, Taiwan
[SENDEX] UP-ENG, customized height control available '900 slope way'
[SENDEX] Have a shampoo lying on the bed, Sam Won SKY
[SENDEX] MCTec to proudly show motorized adjustable beds for medical treatment
[SENDEX] 'bofeel', the leading provider for Long-Term Care Insurance for the Aged and Welfare medical device
[SENDEX] Track the satellite with 'CheonLiSim' of TAIWAN
Provision for old age and Welfare for the Disabled! Opening of 'SENDEX 2013'!
[SENDEX Preview] Super-light General or Sports Wheelchair of Wheelline
[SENDEX Preview] The Senior-friendly Goods and Goods for Disabled of Cozylife
[SENDEX Preview] Comfortable Adult Diaper of Jinsan Medical
[SENDEX Preview] MB734, a Freely Movable Electric Bed
[SENDEX Preview] Conveniently Bath at Home with Elvan Dry Lower-body Bath
[SENDEX Preview] AbleX, a SC-Lab's Digital Strength-training Device
[SENDEX Preview] Safety Handle without the Need to Drill a Wall
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