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Latest News  
[ROTREX 2013] SST, Introducing VMS Road Electronic Module
[ROTREX 2013] Ubizcore's Wireless Oneself Network 'Social Security Service'
[ROTREX 2013] AL-Tech, displaying 'Self Illuminated Fiber-Optic Traffic Sign'
[ROTREX 2013] SHIN SUNG CONTROL's 'TMA', Necessity for Workplace
[ROTREX 2013] Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Showcasing 'Fog Precaution System'
[ROTREX 2013] KICT, Displaying 'Fog Reaction System' for Safe Driving
[ROTREX 2013] ELP, Introducing the Smart-Road Weather Information System
[ROTREX 2013] IMI-tech showcasing the IP Network Speed Detector
[ROTREX 2013] Darae Parktech, Inc, Showcasing the Smart Parking System
[ROTREX 2013] MNtech's Exclusive Reflective Sheeting
[ROTREX 2013 Video] Hi-Q Co., Ltd, Unveiling the New 'Lane Dividers'
[ROTREX 2013 Video] XHINEAXM, Displaying Solar Light LED Traffic Signs
[ROTREX 2013 Video] RexGen 'License Plate Recognition System' for Security and Information
[ROTREX 2013 Video] KEUM SUNG INDUSTRY, Displaying New Concept Guardrail 'Safety Roller'
[ROTREX 2013] Refloxmax, Showcasing the Micro-prismatic Retro-reflective Sheeting
[ROTREX 2013] The Korea Expressway Corporation, Smart Highway for the future
[ROTREX 2013] Hi-Q Co., Ltd, Displaying the New 'Lane Dividers'
[ROTREX 2013 Video] UNISON e Tech, Displaying Bridge Bearing Efficient at Load Deliver
[ROTREX 2013] Tooin Displaying the Highly Visible Luminescent Ttraffic Sign
[ROTREX 2013] 'Silica Permeable Block' of SEOHO Eco Top
[ROTREX 2013 Video] SNG Tech, Unveiling Interlocking LED Traffic Light Safety Block
[ROTREX 2013 Video] SAMSON, Unveiling 'Smart Bolt' with a permanent magnet
[ROTREX 2013 Video] BRITEC, Unveiling Saw Type Bridge Expansion Joint
[ROTREX 2013 Video] INTERCONSTECH, Introducing Economic IPC Girder Construction
[ROTREX 2013 Video] DaeilTec, Powerfully Permeable Block '3D-Hole Block'
[ROTREX 2013] DAEBO COMMUNICATION & SYSTEM Unveils Integrated Real-time Traffic Video Control System, 'DN(Dainet)-series'
[ROTREX 2013] RexGen 'License Plate Recognition System' for Security and Information
[ROTREX 2013] MORU Industrial Systems' Parking Information System 'U-PiLOT'
The Biggest Exhibition on the Field, 'International Road & Traffic Expo 2013' Kicks off

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