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Latest News  
S. Korea SW Promotion Agencies Opened Export Outlets at 'CommunicAsia 2013'
CommunicAsia2013, EnterpriseIT2013 and BroadcastAsia2013 Concluded a Week of Fulfilling Business Exchange
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] Panasonic introduces new 7-inch 'Toughpad JT-B1'
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] EZBNS, Showcasing smartphone payment service with MSR Reader
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] CORE ENGINEERING, Multi-IP Phone for Voice & Video Communication
[CommunicAsia 2013] CORE ENG Co., LTD, Multi-IP Phone with Dual Phone System
[CommunicAsia 2013] 'IM-POS', Smartphone Payment Service with MSR Reader
[CommunicAsia 2013] WITCHES, 3D Gyeongju Tour Guide
[CommunicAsia 2013] Smart App Book 'Dino World' by NHRI
[CommunicAsia 2013] Compact and Providing Safety, 'OSEK Blackbox'
Telkom showcasing 'TIMES' in the CommunicAsia 2013
[CommunicAsia 2013] FreeCommerce, u-LED Sign Service Platform
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] NURI T&P introducing the OSEK Blackbox
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] CGWAVE, Introducing the 'Bugs 3D Alive' Game
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] WITCHES introduces new smart phone application
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] CMT, Showcasing the 'C4K' Blackbox
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] NHRI, Introducing 'DINO WORLD'
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] INNOWebSoft, Learn a new language through 'iLangSchool'
[CommunicAsia 2013] BWT, Best of Wireless Communication Technologies
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] FREECOMMERCE, Intelligent LED Sign Board
[CommunicAsia 2013] UBMT, Car DVR 'VIEW-T wide' Designed like a Digital Camera
[CommunicAsia 2013] Catching Suspicious Vehicles with RexGen
[CommunicAsia 2013] CG WAVE, 'It's ALIVE' series of 3D Educational Game
[CommunicAsia 2013] INNOWebSoft, Become Fluent with 'iLangSchool'
[CommunicAsia 2013] For All Ages and Gender, the Motion Sensing Game by Human IT Solution
[CommunicAsia 2013] Next Aeon '360 Degrees View' PanoShop
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] Next-Aeon CO., PANOSHOP for new panorama interaction
[CommunicAsia 2013] Stay in Network with iPad using Fairapp's E-biz Card
[CommunicAsia 2013] Enjoy the 'Human Factory' with your friends~
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] INTERSAVE, Social Network Game 'Human Factory'
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] Human IT Solution Ltd., Movement Recognition Game Platform
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] Fairapp's Paperbook UX/UI offer Smart Viewer Solution
[CommunicAsia 2013 Video] UBMT CO., Vivid Resolution View-T WIDE
CommunicAsia 2013, Asia's largest integrated information communication technology event.
S. Korea IT Promotion Agency Union showcases 18 major IT/SW companies at CommunicAsia 2013
[CommunicAsia 2013] Witness the Convergence of Technologies at CommunicAsia2013, EnterpriseIT2013 and BroadcastAsia2013
[CommunicAsia 2013 Preview] 'Smart Viewer Solution' for that Real Book Experience
[CommunicAsia 2013 Preview] CMT, Surpassing the Standard Blackboxes 'C4K'
[CommunicAsia 2013 Preview] NURIT&P, Showcases 'OSEK Blackbox'
[CommunicAsia 2013 Preview] Running your own Primitive Village 'Human Factory'
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