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Latest News  
[ENVEX] Royal Precision participates to release 'Solid-Liquid Separator'
[ENVEX] CJK Alliance participates to release '201 AA series' automatic disk filter
[ENVEX] Dyeco releases 'portable desalinations device' by using solar enery
[ENVEX] Aqual Cell releases 'sterile air sterilizer'
[ENVEX] 'Drive-type filter Press' by Yu Cheon Engineering
[ENVEX] Environment Action Association participates to campaign 'Environmental energy-saving'
[ENVEX] KFRA shows the 'Eco-Styrofoam material products'
[ENVEX] Century Technology participates to release 'i-RoboChem™ Station' automatic water quality measuring system
[ENVEX] Clean Tec Korea shows 'Self-cleaning Air Filtration system'
[ENVEX] HTS showcases 'Ultra-pure water system and waste water recycling facilities'
[ENVEX] Daho mulsan participates to release 'DW series', the mobile primary crusher
[ENVEX] 'TURBY-2100', immersion-type continuous automatic turbidity meter by Humas
[ENVEX] Jung Woo ENT participates to release 'MCP', physical cleaning ball
[ENVEX] Top Electronics Industry release 'RoboCam series'
[ENVEX] 'Tornado aerator' by Dongsin Tec
[ENVEX] 'Peat bog' to reduce greenhouse gas by Ilsong
[ENVEX] HADO releases 'Multi S Mixer'
[ENVEX] Hanwha Engineering &Construction introduces 'Geo Green ocher fabric block'
[ENVEX] 'non-metallic chain Flight sludge collectors' by Hyroim Industries
[ENVEX] 'mobile monitoring water quality checking system' based on USN by Korbi
[ENVEX] 'EXO', a wide of portable water quality monitoring system by Doongmoon ENT
[ENVEX] 'no pulsation metering pump' by PHILTEC
[ENVEX] Woorie Environmental Technology introduce the stack gases automatic measurement system, 'Clean SYS'
[ENVEX] VITZROCELL release 'Lithium rechargeable batteries 1'
[ENVEX] The successive picking ultrafine particles machine 'PMS-103' by APM Engineering
[ENVEX] Pollution prevention technology total solution 'ETB' by MAT PLUS
[ENVEX] the excellent tensile strength membrane material 'Cleanfil ®-S & P' by Kolon Industries
[ENVEX] Total Engineering release portable gas analyzer 'DX-440'
[ENVEX 2013 VIDEO] The 35th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy
[ENVEX] NDS release 'On-line automatic water quality measurement device'
[ENVEX 2013 VIDEO] TCC ELT Showcases its Various Developments
[ENVEX 2013 Video] Interview with Martina Mrosek of Bavarian Pavilion
[ENVEX 2013 Video] Interview with Denmark Pavilion, Christian Lundager
[ENVEX] SSENG's 'GFF filter'
[ENVEX] Hyundai, Eco-friendly Car 'Sonata Turbo-LPDI'
[ENVEX] 'Unmanned aircraft' by Fuel Cell Research Center in Korea Institute of Science and Technology
[ENVEX] SPINZ,centrifugation food waste disposals, by SPINZ Innovation
[ENVEX]'TROAYFIL', Industrial Sewage Treatment Membrane Module by Torayamk
[ENVEX] Ecosh showcase no water eco-urinal
ENVEX opens 'Green Energy ehibition'
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