World IT Show 2013
Mobile  Cellphone(20)   4G Technology(7)   Mobile(4)   Digital Camera(2)   UMPC(2)   Earphone Headset(1)   Industry(1)   Display(1)  
Computing  Software(4)   Notebook(2)   Network(1)   Printer(1)   Field News(1)  
AV/PA  TV(4)   Projector Screen(1)   Audio(1)  
Industry  Electrical Engineering(1)   Biotechnology(1)   Energy / Environment(1)  
 Samsung(3)    LG(2)    iface(2)    innoworks(2)    WIS(1)    계영 TNI(1)    Sovico(1)    Uprism(1)    Inca Internet(1)    4NB(1)    KOCCA(1)    Huming Global(1)    AHIKU(1)    AINTEC(1)    apleSoft(1)    BANGLAPHONE(1)    base-d(1)    BCS(1)    CAKE COMMUNICATIONS(1)    ChoisTechnology(1)    Cobaltray(1)    Design Skin(1)    DIT(1)    DNsolution(1)    ETRI(1)    G&P Biotech(1)    GRIPIN(1)    HEAVENLY IDEA(1)    Inha university(1)    Koryo Digiworks(1)  
Language : :   Korean(200)    English(56)  
Latest News  
[WIS 2013 On Site] INHA University, 'LED-Smart Technology Advanced Research Center'
[WIS 2013 On Site] Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute's '3D Body'
[WIS 2013 On site] Curving OLED TV! Samsung Electronics S9 Series
[WIS 2013 On-Site] Gaming Education Tool, 'KidsPad'
[WIS 2013 On-Site] Anywhere You Can Enjoy HDTV! 'LG Mini Beam Smart TV'
[WIS 2013 On-Site] Just Touch Once for Connection! Samsung's Wireless Portable Audio
[WIS 2013 On Site] KOCCA's S3D HDTV Broadcasting System
[WIS 2013 VIDEO] CEO Amjad Khan shares his vision for Bangladesh Children's Education
[WIS 2013 On-Site] SEWOO TECH, Korean First 'Mini-Printer' Developer
[WIS 2013 On Site] The Next Generation Load Control 'ZID-LCD'
[WIS 2013 On Site] Preventing Pollution in the Water, 'Stern Tube Mechanical Seal System(SMS)'
[WIS 2013 On Site] G&P Biotech Co., Food Waste Processing Technology 'MFB Method'
[WIS 2013 On Site] A-INTEC's Food Disposal 'Any-Q'
[WIS 2013 On-Site] Cobalt Ray, Retina Display Tablet PC
[WIS 2013 On-Site] iCover's Lisence Case Series 'Gallery Booth'
[WIS 2013 On-Site] Movable Smart Phone Case, 'Bouger'
[WIS 2013 On Site] Mobile Paper Card ! 3D Card App 'CAKE'
[WIS 2013 On Site] The Smartest Way to Ride a Taxi 'Dangol Taxi'
[WIS 2013 On Site] Next Aeon's Launching of 'PANO SHOP'
[WIS 2013 On Site] 4NB Secure Video Conferencing System 'VideoOffice™'
[WIS 2013 VIDEO] Multi-Online Store Platform 'Shoop'
[WIS 2013 On Site] For a smarter home! 'Smart Home Display'
[WIS 2013 On-Site] OD Hitec, Transparent LCD
[WIS 2013 On Site] Creative Photography for Kids, iPhone Camera Case 'aca'
[WIS 2013 On Site] 20 hours of Continuous Music Play, Bluetooth Headphone 'k.lab'
[WIS 2013 On Site] Grip your iPad! Pattern Breaker 'Belt Case'
[WIS 2013 On Site] QURAM Optimizing Solution 'Atom JPEG'
[WIS 2013 On Site] SAEHA, Portable Unified Communications Speakerphone JABRA 'SPEAK 510'
[WIS 2013 On Site] LAYBLOCK's Original Card Holder Diary Case
[WIS 2013 On Site] DIT Displays the Operating Cloud System 'santa cloud'
[WIS 2013 On-Site] K-POP Star Tweet Translation Service, 'KSTARTWEET'
[WIS 2013 On Site] Vivi-d Introduces iPhone 5 'Strawberry Case'
[WIS 2013 On-Site] Smart Self Management Software 'iMON Soft'
[WIS 2013 On Site] UPrism Offers Video Conferencing Solution 'CURIX'
[WIS 2013 On-Site] SOVICO's Conference Phone 'KONFTEL Series'
'World IT Show 2013' is back with more advanced and innovative technologies!
[WIS 2013 On Site] iFace Launching of 'Identity Will' Case
[WIS 2013 On Site] SK Telecom 'HD Voice', "20x Faster than 3G Connection"
[WIS 2013 On Site] Tie Clip or Laser Pointer? 'X-Pointer Clip'
[WIS 2013 On Site] S-View Feature Compatible S4 Case iCover's 'AIO-S'
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