KITAS 2013
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Latest News  
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] Min Star, Introducing 'ZOOTIM' for Galaxy S4
[KITAS 2013 VIDEO] Taking your smart devices on a shopping spree at KITAS 2013
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] Joong Ang T&C, 'J. Pocket' case for Galaxy S4
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] U2OKOREA, Introducing Smart Secondary Battery 'iWALK Extreme'
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] Hidition, Personalized and Customized 'New Tears Series'
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] Aluminum Texutre Case, EMOT's 'EMOSKIN'
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] PROTECT M, 'REVO CASE' for Galaxy S4
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] T-PEOS, High-end earphone 'H-200'
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] CRESYN, Stereo Headphone 'C750H'
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] Future Trade & Development, One and only Mirer Mirer Cover for Smart Phones
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] COMART CNC, 'BluePOP', Bluetooth Earphone in 3 Types
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] Design Skin, 'WETHERBY' Leather Case for Galaxy S4
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] SoundCat, Enhance your Movies nights with 'Crusher'
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] Design Craft, 8 cases for Samsung Galaxy S 4
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] Finetronics, Smartphone case 'TOUCH & SLIDE'
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] Huming Global, Bluetooth Gaming Speaker 'Divoom ONBEAT-X1'
[KITAS 2013 On-Site] Wooyoung Communication, Various Potable Speakers and Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker
Korea IT Accessory & Smart Device Show Returns for another Year!
A Glimpse of KITAS 2013, Mobile Accessories & Smart Device Exhibition

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