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Latest News  
[KIMES 2013 On Site] DrGem, Showcase Various Core Components for DR Stystem
[KIMES 2013 On Site] DR System For Fuji Film by Shinkisa
[KIMES 2013 VIDEO] Medi-Core showcases SA-3000P at the booth
[KIMES 2013 VIDEO] DK Medical's x-ray system
[KIMES 2013 On-site] EasyMove displayed 'KE-chair', an assistive device for fleeing and evacuating
[KIMES 2013 VIDEO] REHA Technology, G-EO System to Put You Back on Your Feet
[KIMES 2013 VIDEO] WILAmed, The New Respiratory Humidifier AIRcon
[KIMES 2013 On Site] WOOYANG, Various Type of Medical Hoses
[KIMES 2013 On-site] ISOL Technology introduced '1.5T MRI 'CHORUS' made by domestic technology
[KIMES 2013 On-site] Pananomics displayed 3G CCD detector
[KIMES 2013 On-site] JPI Healthcar displayed various GRIDs for High-quality X-ray image
[KIMES 2013 On-site] Royal Medical revealed Anesthesia Machines with Ventilator controled by touch-screen system
[KIMES 2013 On-site] Poskom displayed 'PXM Series', a potable X-ray with rechargeable batteries
[KIMES 2013 On-site] MEDIEN International unveiled 'BELLAGIO', remote digital RF system
[KIMES 2013 On-site] ALPINION Medical Systems displayed ultrasound diagnostic units with its unique technology
[KIMES 2013 On-site] Rayence displayed TFT/CMOS detector encompassing various industries
[KIMES 2013 VIDEO] INADA FAMILY's massage chair is displayed at KIMES 2013
[KIMES 2013 On-site] Won Technology displayed 'Lavieen', a BB Cream Laser
[KIMES 2013 On Site] AUTECH, Three-in-One 'Corpuls3 Slim'
[KIMES 2013 On Site] Paul Frank Design Weight Scale by BodyCom
[KIMES 2013 On-Site] Knee Joint Rehabilitation 'CPM' by JINSUNG MEDI CO.LTD
[KIMES 2013 VIDEO] INFOMEDIX, Publisher of Medical Industry Magazine
[KIMES 2013 VIDEO] NeoGenesis, Unveiling to the World its UNiStation
[KIMES 2013 VIDEO] ANTISEPTICA, #1 Disinfectant Manufacturer in Germany
[KIMES 2013 VIDEO] Thor's Product Line Up
[KIMES 2013 VIDEO] MKMedicare, The One and Only Spinetronic's Robotic-ATT
[KIMES 2013 VIDEO] PRESSALIT, Care for the Disabled
[KIMES 2013] Hartalega presents nitrile gloves
[KIMES 2013 On-site] MiKi Korea displayed a wheel-chair with minimized size
[KIMES 2013 On-site] Samsung Electronics introduced 'XGEO GC80', Disital Radiography system
[KIMES 2013 On-site] Jawon Medical displayed an automatic double arm blood pressure monitor diagnosing cardiovascular diseases
[KIMES 2013 On-site] Mesh displayed 'T-1000 XD/HD', Thermography
[KIMES 2013 On SIte] GMEDECA, Results of Medical Device Development
[KIMES 2013 On-site] G MEDECA Center displayed the achievement of medical equipment translational research and development
[KIMES 2013 On-Site] Horseback Riding Exerciser 'Joba' and Heated Massage Chair from Panasonic
[KIMES 2013 On-site] 'JVM' introduced ATDPS for Pharmacy Preparation Automation
[KIMES 2013 On-site] Bit Computer revealed various new products round the theme, 'Smart Innovation'
[KIMES 2013 On-site] Omron Healthcare displayed an abdominal fat analyzer and an upper blood pressure mornitor
[KIMES 2013 On Site] Wonju Medical Industry Technovalley, 48 Companies Forming a Pavilion
[KIMES 2013 On-site] GEMSS MEDICAL displayed 'KMC-12HD', a surgical C-Arm
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