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Latest News  
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Daehan Ultra Vision, Innovative LED Display 'Crystal MESH'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Korea Adobe Systems, Seminars for Adobe Software Use
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] KBS, The World First Terrestrial Broadcasting 4K UHDTV Demonstration
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] SBS, 'Girlsday' on 4K TV
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Dongyang Digital, Studer Audio Mixing Console
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Bronics, Reliable Audio Switcher 4CH Audio PIC
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Sama Korea, Grass Valley's Total Solution for Broadcast
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] TTA, Striving for next generation of broadcast equipment
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] HD Compressed Video Recording Capable 'Cinema Camera'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] SpoCam, Action Camera GoPro 'HERO3'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] 2013 Headphone & Personal Audio Festival held with KOBA 2013
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Sony's Real 4K CineAlta Camera 'PMW-F55'
[KOBA 2013 VIDEO] KRISTA Exhibitions' thoughts on KOBA 2013
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Yamaha Audio Post Production Platform 'NUAGE'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Sound Solution, Launch of Symetrix 'Integrator Series'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] SAMA SOUND's 'BLX Wireless'
[KOBA 2013 VIDEO] NewTrek, Virtual Studio with TriCaster 8000
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Canon, Professional HD Camcorder 'XF305'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Hive System, No Gap Contra LED Display
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Malgn Technology, Digital Media Solution 'KeyFlow'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] LNB Tech's Digital Public Address System
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Domestically Manufactured Speaker, Inter M 'CONA'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Motion Bistro, The Simple 'Brinno TLC200' for Time Lapse Cinematography
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Panasonic Studio Camera 'AK-HC3800'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Fuji Film Korea, LTO 6 Generation 2.5TB Storage Media
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] JC Media Net showcases Youngstown Working Glove for Outdoors
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] 'iBasso Audio', Portable Amp from Soundstream
[KOBA 2013 VIDEO] TSL Professional Products, All Technology you need to Capture, Monitor and Deliver
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] DM Lite's DSLR LED 'Lumos Trip'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] LS Media's 'SIRIAN' aka Global Star PSY's Lights
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] VTRON, 70" Full HD Video Wall 'C-Series'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] 'Lumos', LED Lights Designed for High Definition
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] Academy Communication Corporation, Full HD Live Video Production and Editing System 'TALENT'
[KOBA 2013 VIDEO] Shoot! Edit! Produce! KOBA 2013 opens to the public!
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] TVlogic, 'SRM-074W' Capable of Monitoring without a Hood!
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] MBC, 'Augmented Reality Zone'
[KOBA 2013 On-Site] FOR-A, 4K Super Slow Motion 'FT-ONE'
[KOBA 2013 VIDEO] ROBE, Introducing the Point of Robin Series
Welcoming the Future of Broadcast! 'KOBA 2013' Opens
Cutting-edge Multimedia Exhibition in Smart Era, 'The 23rd Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show', set to be held on the 13th
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