EDUCARE 2013 Spring
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Latest News  
[EDUCARE 2013] Wrapping Up EduCare Fair 2013
[EDUCARE 2013] Wrapping Up EduCare Fair 2013
[Edu-Care Fair 2013 VIDEO] The Solution for your Child's Education
[EDUCARE 2013] Great Books Introduced Various Complete Collections for Children's Related Reading
[EDUCARE 2013] TOKKINEZIP Introduced 'Kitpas' Which Can Be Erased by a Floor-cloth
[EDUCARE 2013] Little Cabin Introduced Various Hand-made Cloth Teaching Aids
[EDUCARE 2013] Touch n Fun Displayed 'Noah Pad', a Tablet PC for Toddlers and Children
[EDUCARE 2013] Terra Introduced 'Hutos Series', Stainless Steel Dishes for Young Vhildren
[EDUCARE 2013] T-ime Contents Introduced Teadching Aids for Young Children's Mathematics Education
[EDUCARE 2013] Ravensburger Introduced 'Mom's Edu', a Gaming Education Program
[EDUCARE 2013] Blue N Tree Introduced 'Kids English NEW MAMEMO' Stirring up Children's Imagination
[EDUCARE 2013] Tuntun English Introduced 'Baby League', English Education Gaming Program for Young Children
[EDUCARE 2013] Saeal Education Introduced Renewed Chinese Characters Teaching Aid, 'Eagle Series'
[EDUCARE 2013] Kookminbooks Introduced 'Chalie and Lolar', a Created Picture Books Pleasing Children's Eyes and Ears
[EDUCARE 2013] Commencer Media Introduced Global Character Education
[EDUCARE 2013] Morphun Korea Introduced Morphun Block which Children Learn While Having Fun with
[EDUCARE 2013] WORKS I Introduced a Luxurious jigsaw puzzle and 3D puzzle
[EDUCARE 2013] Moms Board Introduced 'Sherbet Series', a Magnet Board of Fresh Colors
[EDUCARE 2013] Kids Book Sejong Displayed Character Book with LEGO Figures
[EDUCARE 2013] 'i-Challenge', ant Early Education Program for Children's Infinite Possibility
[EDUCARE 2013] Samsung Techwin Displayed a Smart Home Camera for Real Time Monitoring
[EDUCARE 2013] Crayola Displayed Washable Crayons
[EDUCARE 2013] Rosetta Stone Introduced Basic English Educaiton Solution for Kids and Held a Seminar
[EDUCARE 2013] NAVI Entertainment Held a Kid Modeling Contest
[EDUCARE 2013] Wooridul Life Sciences, Magnet Blocks for the development of Creativity 'i Block'
[EDUCARE 2013] Uangel Displayed 'ToMoKiDS', Smart Edcuation Service
[EDUCARE 2013] English Time Displayed So-called 'En-Ti', Synthesis Multimedia English Education Program
[EDUCARE 2013] 'Jangone Education', Home School Material 'Saypen'
[EDUCARE 2013] Aidin Displayed Eco-Friendly Hardwood Plaything to develop EQ and IQ
[EDUCARE 2013] J World Enterprise Displayed 'Alzip Mattress'
[EDUCARE 2013] Korea Boardgames Introduced Various Board Games Including 'Blokus' MENSA Recommended
[EDUCARE 2013] MCA Sand Displayed 'Choc Choc Ie', Fragrant Sand for Indoor Play
[EDUCARE 2013] TR Trading Displayed 'Xyloba', Multiple Intelligence Teaching Aid for Creativity and Musical Talent
[EDUCARE 2013] Edurim Displayed Creative Teaching Aid, Learning MAG
[EDUCARE 2013] Orda Korea Introduced Various Teaching Aids:Magnet Gabe·The First Discovery Program
[EDUCARE 2013] EDTOY Korea, Various Teaching Aids for the Development of Children's Creativity
[EDUCARE 2013] Nistul, The Desk·Chair Growing with Children 'Nistul Grow'
[EDUCARE 2013] Save-it Max, My Own Label Printer 'OK200'
[EDUCARE 2013] SK Telecom, an Innovative Learning Device for Children 'Albert'
[EDUCARE 2013] Kid's Creativity School, Colorful and Imaginative 'PaoPao Friends'
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