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Latest News  
The 22th KOPLAS 2013 ended successfully
[KOPLAS 2013] 'WOOJIN PLAIMM' displayed a high-efficient silicon injection molding machine
[KOPLAS 2013] Iruchem displayed the additives for producing artificial timber
[KOPLAS 2013] Korea Engel, Showcases Innovative E-Mac50
[KOPLAS 2013] Krauss Maffei, Cross Technology Systems
[KOPLAS 2013] Continental Carbon India, Semi-Conductive Carbon Black 'CL-08'
[KOPLAS 2013] AIE, Industrial Usage Engineering Plastic
[KOPLAS 2013] Erasteel revealed ASP®, P/M high speed steel
[KOPLAS 2013] MTS Korea, Acumen Elector Dynamic Systems
[KOPLAS 2013] Sumitomo Korea, Newly Innovated 'SE30DUZ'
[KOPLAS 2013] Sunraytech revealed 'HydroTracer', a new precise moisture meter
[KOPLAS 2013] HANSE revealed 'PROFIT', an injection molding machine
[KOPLAS 2013] Withlab displayed 'CyClean™', Non-Contact Surface Cleaning System
[KOPLAS 2013] SAMHWA CORPORATION, industrial master batches and compound
[KOPLAS 2013] MICO, synthesis automation system for efficient metal mold change
[KOPLAS 2013] Hotset exhibitied its coil heater 'Hot spring' in KOPLAS 2013
[KOPLAS 2013] PIOVAN's moisture absorption dryer 'DPA Series'
[KOPLAS 2013] D.K Tech, 50% energy saving Injection molding machine
[KOPLAS 2013] Yuilsystem's Mold thermoregulator in KOPLAS 2013
[KOPLAS 2013] Han Kook System introduces energy saving 'ZETA-Air Dryer'
[KOPLAS 2013] COSMOS KOREA's hybrid injection molding machine
[KOPLAS 2013] HNP Interpra, Small dehumidification dryer 'XD Dry Air' Series
[KOPLAS 2013] PLM's Power Saving injection molding machine 'BS-III'
[KOPLAS 2013] HeungHwa Injection Machine exhibited injection molding machine
[KOPLAS 2013] IL KWANG POLYMER's eco-freidnly fire retardant master master batch
[KOPLAS 2013] Yushinkorea introduces Purge Robot in KOPLAS 2013
[KOPLAS 2013] Daejoo Industry introduces convert processing machinery in KOPLAS 2013
[KOPLAS 2013] Haitian, Power saving Injection molding machine 'Mars Ⅱ'
'The platform of Plastics & Rubber Industry', KOPLAS 2013 Kicked off!
[KOPLAS 2013] JCTIMES GROUP will participate in KOPLAS 2013
[KOPLAS 2013] YANCO MOULD will participate in KOPLAS 2013
[KOPLAS 2013] FESTEC to participate in KOPLAS 2013
[KOPLAS 2013] MICO Myoungjin to participate in KOPLAS
[KOPLAS 2013] Shandong Kexing's plasticizer in KOPLAS 2013
[KOPLAS 2013] Qingdao Xinquan Plastic Machinery to participate in KOPLAS 2013
[KOPLAS 2013] Shinde New Material to participate in 'KOPLAS 2013'
[KOPLAS 2013] COLINES to introduce its 'downgauging' in KOPLAS 2013
[KOPLAS 2013] DESMA to participate in KOPLAS 2013 from March 12 to 16.
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