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Latest News  
[MIECF 2013 On-Site] Mother Water, 'Aseptic Care'
[2013 MIECF] Prosperous 'MIECF 2013' Comes to an End
[MIECF 2013 On-site] CS Kiang gave a keynote speech, 'Green Building and Sustainable Community - New Urbanism in China'
Watch A 2 minutes Time-Lapsed Keynote Speech 2 : 2013 MIECF Macao
[MIECF 2013 VIDEO] Mitsubishi introduce the new driverless Sky Train products and technologies
Prof. Jeffrey Sachs on keynote speechs at 2013 MIECF
[MIECF 2013 On-site] Prof. Jeffrey Sachs gave a keynote speech, 'the challenges for sustainable development'
[MIECF 2013 On-site] Melco Crown Entertainment showed ecomagination
[MIECF 2013 On-site] Ao Lung displayed a car powered by compressed air
[MIECF 2013 On-site] CECEP introduced Total Energy-saving Solution Customized to Macao
[MIECF 2013 On-site] MITSUBISHI introduced S-Bahn, an automated guideway transit system
[MIECF 2013 On-site] EcoRite displayed Super ionic water
[MIECF 2013 On-site] Hongkong CCTC introduced 'R-SENSE', WSN platform
[MIECF 2013 On-site] Siemens introduced scientific smart building control system
Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition kicked off!
[MIECF 2013 VIDEO] 2013 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum Opening ceremony!
[MIECF 2013] Keynote about the protection of the environment in 'Green Forum' to be progressed.
2013 MIECF to Promote Development of Sustainable Cities - The Way Towards a Green Future

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