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Latest News  
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] KOREA AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE to showcase varied technologies including 'Atonomous Support Technology'
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] VINATech to develop 3V super capacitor at the world's first
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] HONAMBUMWOO to exhibit driving devices and steering mechanism for car
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] JUNGSU Industry to introduce varied kinds of brackets
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] WithSolution to display car black-box which can save 3 channels simultaneously
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] Hankook Green Pia to show the latest model of camping caravan
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] NAJEON to present varied types of car component
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] Alles to show Premium car care service of SONAX
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] Dongsuh Industrial to exhibit varied Pistons and Piston-pins for internal combustion engine
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] Lee Seok Machinery to exhibit varied salt cores for various piston
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] SAMMI GEAR to show varied industrial precision instruments
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] KOH-A Jung Gong to exhibit BLDC Motor for hybrid & electric car
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] GAT to exhibit idling charger of 7.7Kw level for electric car
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] Dae Sun to exhibit a hybrid Motor using 3D Mold Core technology for NEV
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] Hidden Power to present 'Electric Bicycle Kit' changing normal bicycle to electric bicycle
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] T&S Motors to showcase 'MOYA-2',a one touch type bicycle folded within 3 seconds
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] Korea Railroad Research Institute to introduce '430km/h high speed train'
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] KITECH to exhibit electric car
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] Green Car Clean City to show 'Electric Automobile'
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] W-one to exhibit LPG tanks and its component for car and home
[Green Car Korea 2012 Buyer Interview] Rahul Jain from INDIA
[Green Car Korea 2012 Buyer Interview] Puneet Shukla, CEO of Saison Components & Solutions, INDIA
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] IBT to show large secondary battery with lithium iron phosphate
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] E&I to exhibit hybrid car motor of independent multiphase structure
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] Entro to show 'dbX', electric two-wheeled vehicle of unique design
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] SIHEUNG METAL to show body reinforcement parts for cars
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] FINE MOTORS to show customized moving maintenance vehicles
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] DUCKWON MOTORS to show eco-friendly '4-wheel electric scooter'
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] Dong Ha Tech to exhibit 10KW motor drive prototype
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] BOSTECH to exhibit consumer electronics and automotive infection/mold
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] HYUNDAI HITEC to show Pressed Auto Parts
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] Industry-University Cooperation Foundation of Korea Aerospace University to show 'battery automatically exchange electric bus system'
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] KAIST to unveil eco-friendly 'Open Leading Electric Vehicle'
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] Samyang Optics to show NTRO's folding electric bicycle 'dbO'
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] GWANG IL GIGONG to apply more than 90% of bodywork sector into export cars
[GREEN CAR Korea on-site] DAYOU A-TECH to develop eco-friendly car seat
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] Prima Motors to exhibit 'LEAF', 100% electric car of Nissan
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] Sinoktech to show Hybrid developing system
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] ShinSung SI to exhibit hard/half Top featuring high efficiency
[GREEN CAR KOREA on-site] GNST to present molding system of a high gloss
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