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Latest News  
[REK 2012 on-site] IC Enertech to get lots of attention with 'Solar Brick' made as nation's first
[REK 2012 on-site] Prime Solar to display Solar Collector having U Type double vacuum tube
[REK 2012 on-site] The British Embassy in Seoul to show business matching service among related companies
[REK 2012 on-site] SKF to exhibit 'Automatic lubricating system' reducing maintenance costs
[REK 2012 on-site] Seoyoung Tech to introduce eco 'AFPM Generator'
[REK 2012 on-site] INTER BIO to show 'Wood Pellet Boiler' featuring cost cutting but high efficiency
[REK 2012 on-site] Chunbuk National University to carry forward Solar Test-Bed Business in Honam area
[REK 2012 on-site] To exhibit award-winning works of 'Renewable Energy, 36.5℃ Idea·Product contest'
[REK 2012 on-site] Gyeongnam TechnoPark to build Wind Power Component parts in DongNam region
[REK 2012 on-site] CHUNGBUK TECHNOPARK to promote Solar Test-bed project in ChungChung region
[REK 2012 on-site] POSTECH, Test-Bed project for hydrogen fuel cells
[REK 2012 on-site] GERI to introduce solar Test-Bed project in Daegu-Gyeongbuk region
[REK 2012 on-site] WOOJIN INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS to present development/storage/redudction systems for efficent Energy use
[REK 2012 on-site] JUNGMAC Industry to introduce the Manufacturing Technology for Tidal Power Turbine of the Drag Force
[REK 2012 on-site] SHINYANG ENERGY to show solar collector certified for renewable energy facilities
[REK 2012 on-site] 3EnKR to show pellet stove without chimney
[REK 2012 on-site] COMEST to introduce 'basic file dry method for Eco-friendly ground enhancement'
[REK 2012 on-site] KYUWON TECH to exhibit medium-large pellet boilers for warm and heat
[REK 2012 on-site] SINSANe to introduce 'I-SOLAR', Single Evacuated Tube Type Solar Collector raising durability
[REK 2012 on-site] Fuel Cell Power to show fuel cell system 'CellVille' for building
[REK 2012 on-site] KOTEC Engineering to unveil eco-friendly and highly efficiency 'Geothermal heating and cooling systems'
[REK 2012 on-site] Doosan Heavy Industries to show 3000kW wind turbine system
[REK 2012 on-site] UBITECH to show Solar tracker tracking light of the sun by using optical sensor
[REK 2012 on-site] Onnuri Solar Energy to show 'distribution business of 1 million Green Home'
[REK 2012 on-site] KD Power to exhibit 'GPS robot solar tracker' applying high-efficiency cam system
[REK 2012 on-site] POSCO ENERGY to show green 'fuel cell power system' with high-efficiency
[REK 2012 on-site] ATI to show wind resource instrument of NRG, US
[REK 2012 on-site] HANJIN INDUSTRY to show horizontal-axis wind turbine featuring easy maintenance
[REK 2012 on-site] KANGNAM to show the natural circulation type of solar water heater
[REK 2012 on-site] Hyundai Heavy Industry exhibits onshore wind generator of 2000kW
[REK 22012 on-site] BJ POWER introduced interior technique on Solar Module!
[REK 2012 on-site] SeolTech to display 'SAMDORIE', wind power generation systemof 3kW
[REK 2012 on-site] S-ENERGY to unveil solar module for desert area
[REK 2012 on-site] Delta Tech Korea will held national business assistance seminars for Finland renewable energy
[REK 2012 on-site] SUNDA KOREA to show 'Solar Collector' of single vacuum tube type featuring heat pump way
[REK 2012 on-site] SHINSUNG SOLAR ENERGY visualizes new overseas market expansion by India Export!
[REK 2012 on-site] DASS Tech to show 'Solear', residential solar inverter to have number one in terms of market share
[REK 2012 on-site] ECOPOWER to show 'OutBack Power Inverter'
[REK 2012 on-site] Willings to show 'Solarcen SL-series', high-capacity PV Inverter optimized in RPS industry
[REK 2012 on-site] APACK to unveil Eevacuated tubular solar collector 'APACK' with heat pipe thechnologies
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