2012 Gangwon BIO-EXPO
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 adbiotech(1)    aggreen(1)    AZI(1)    biomaeul(1)    biopid(1)    biotopia(1)    BMT(1)    CHUNGDO PHARM(1)    chungwools(1)    drsoy(1)    ecobiznet(1)    eubiologics(1)    gangwontechnopark(1)    GREEN SOLUTIONS(1)    gwtp(1)    Hanil Ginseng Industry(1)    HanWhaPharma(1)    hongcheon atti(1)    ildongfoodis(1)    ImmuneMed(1)    mediandiagnostics(1)    mushville(1)    popote(1)    radiant(1)    regeron(1)    SAMSUNG HERB MEDICINE(1)    strbiotech(1)    sunnue(1)    UNION KOREA PHARM(1)    Wellbeing LS(1)  
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Latest News  
'The 7th 2012 Gangwon BIO-EXPO' ended in great success over a year ago!
[Gangwon Bio Expo] CHUNGWOO LIFE SCIENCE to introduce a portable gel nail, 'VL GEL NAIL SYSTEM'
[Gangwon Bio Expo] BIOPID to show cosmetics '3C4W ATOBEST PLC-101' only for Atopic disease
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Yangu Dandelion RIS Center to unveil variety of dandelion related products
[Gangwon Bio Expo] STR Biotech to introduce new material 'water-soluble rice bran fermented powder'
[Gangwon Bio Expo] CHOSUNNUE Mushroom Farm to show 'Premium Paecilomyces Japonica'
[Gangwon Bio Expo] DOCTOR SOY to show sugar-free soy milk, 'Dr.SOY'
[Gangwon Bio Expo] ILDONG FOODIS to show Greece Homemade type 'Greek Yogurt'
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Lohas Food to unveil child-kids smart 'Bibimi' of child food
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Wellbeing Table to introduce well-being jam and granule-tea
[Gangwon Bio Expo] MUAHVILLE to unveil 'Hair Shu:t' with hair loss prevention and hair control effects
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Biometrix Technology to show diagnostic kits for women's cervical cancer
[Gangwon Bio Expo] CHUNGDO PHARM to show Urine test strip 'Self-Stick' and analyzer
[Gangwon Bio Expo] UNION KOREA PHARM to show 'UNITIAXONE' of Cephalosporin antibiotic
[Gangwon Bio Expo] RADIANT to show a variety of natural raw materials
[Gangwon Bio Expo] MEDIAN Diagnostics to show 'VDPro ELISA' of diagnostic kits
[Gangwon Bio Expo] HANIL GINSENG INDUSTRY to show 'Korean Red Ginseng Extract'
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Enzyme Bio to show enzyme powder, 'HERBZYME'
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Green Solutions to show a variety of body care goods
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Hanwha Pharmaceuticals to show 'The Smart Q' for candidates
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Well-being LS to show products containing vegetable lactic acid bacteria JS
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Samsung Pharmacognosy to show 'Gangwon Gastrodia Elata Plume', 100% of Gastrodia elata extract
[Gangwon Bio Expo] HATTI to show functional food containing fresh ginseng and red ginseng
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Eubiopharm to show bio-pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing services
[Gangwon Bio Expo] AGgreen to show 'Cleanchen' of the fermentation-drying food waste disposer
[Gangwon Bio Expo] AZI to show natural cosmetics 'Peausque' with superior efficacy in atopic disease
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Regeron to show Human Growth Hormone Shampoo•Tonic 'PRISTEEN' for preventing hair loss
[Gangwon Bio Expo] Doosan EcoBizNet to show Self-cultivation System of Photosynthetic bacteria
[Gangwon Bio Expo] BIOTOPIA to show 'TAM -100', glucose-lowering food for diabetic patient
[Gangwon Bio Expo] ImmuneMed to show Diagnostic Kit to simultaneously distinct early antibodies and late antibodies of Acute Febrile Illness(AFI)
[Gangwon Bio Expo] ADBIOTECH to unveil animal products and cosmetics using yolk antibody
The 7th 2012 Gang Won Bio-Expo' held on Sept. 21

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