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Latest News  
[IMAC 2012 on-site] DAESUNG HI-TECH to display precision parts for varied industrial machine
[IMAC 2012 on-site] DAEHAN BOLT to show various industrial bolts manufactured by cold forging way
[IMAC 2012 on-site] CEKO to show functional materials for vacuum metallization
[IMAC 2012 on-site] Fawoo Engineering to introduce 'Bamboo' as the next generation industrial material
[IMAC 2012 on-site] ARA CORPORATION to show industrial case having excellent protective performance
[IMAC 2012 on-site] SINJIN SM to show 'Standard Plate' of commercialized size
[IMAC 2012 on-site] The Korea Institute of Materials Science to announce their role as the Korea domestic representative research institution and future direction
[IMAC 2012 on-site] TPS to exhibit 'Single Crystal Grower' and 'Cubic Zirconia Power/Brick'
[IMAC 2012 on-site] ILWOONG PLATECH to show functional engineering plastic
[IMAC 2012 on-site] GGM to show standard AC/DC geared motor having No.1 domestic market share
[IMAC 2012 on-site] HANIL HIGHTECH to intrduce customized plastic / ceramic component
[IMAC 2012 on-site] IREA CHEMICAL Enterprise to show 'Ge-Lite Paint' containing germanium
[IMAC 2012 on-site] GAB SAN Metal to exhibit nonferrous metal casting products
[IMAC 2012 on-site] CASTMAN to show various engineering cast component
[IMAC 2012 on-site] QUADRANT KOREA to display 'Ketron PEEK', engineering plastic
[IMAC 2012 on-site] TS METAL to show varied stainless deformed rolling materials
[IMAC 2012 on-site] SMD to show 'ST1080', HMD device based on LCoS(Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology!
[IMAC 2012 on-site] KETI to exhibit oxide semiconductor formation technology based on photoactivation
[IMAC 2012 on-site] SIS Corporation to show Robot 'Gripper', made of magnesium alloy
[IMAC 2012 on-site] KITECH to exhibit 'Bullet Proof Vest' integrating NANO Technology and having light weight
[IMAC 2012 on-site] SANGDO Electronic Industrial to show 'HOT WATER MAT Heater'
[IMAC 2012 on-site] BYCHEM to show 'BYCLEAN', environment friendly industrial Cleaner
[IMAC 2012 on-site] Jios to show 'Air 'Aerogel', the next generation insulation
[IMAC 2012 on-site] Technox to exhibit 'Thermal Shock Tester' made of vacuum insulation
[IMAC 2012 on-site] Hyundai ENG to show 'AUTO Chiller' of air-cooling type
[IMAC 2012 on-site] BUYOUNG METAL to introduce various industrial components including magnetic catch
[IMAC 2012 on-site] HWANGHAE ELECTRIC to show 'MINI RING BLOWER' applying Integrated Motor Driver System
[IMAC 2012 on-site] CODE BIO showed varied natural extracts including pig placenta
[IMAC 2012 on-site] NANO IN TECH to show a wet type super fine pulverizer which can manufacture NANO particle
[IMAC 2012 on-site] PHOENIX MATERIALS to introduce core materials for environment friendly future
[IMAC 2012 on-site] Samkwang Precision to introduce varied industrial components
[IMAC 2012 on-site] IMJIN ST to showcase Industrial Special self-lock Nuts
[IMAC 2012 on-site] KOOK MIN Precision to exhibit Press Die Design and processed products based on super facilities and technologies
[IMAC 2012 on-site] Ensol Instrument to introduce Laser Particle Size Analyzer 'LS 13 320'
[IMAC 2012 on-site] ALANTUM to introduce innovative new material 'Metal Foam', 'Alloy Foam' and 'Pure Foam'
[IMAC 2012 on-site] MS Techvision to show 'OCTL (Over Current/ Temperature Limit)' featuring unlimited repetitiveness
[IMAC 2012 on-site] SANGA FLONTEC to show Transfer Belt based on Polyimide resin
[IMAC 2012 on-site] ERAETECH to exhibit 'EDB-2000', a controller integrating biaxial controller and driver
[IMAC 2012 on-site] YOUCHANG HI-TECH to show various industrial polyurethane featuring high durability
[IMAC 2012 on-site] DAEKYEONG to exhibit ultra-light resistors and braking resistors
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