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Latest News  
'19th Korea International Printing & Graphics Industry Show' was ended in great success
[KIPES 2012 on-site] TAEYONG ENGINEERING to show 'all in one' box adhering product, FOLD MASTER TYT series
[KIPES 2012 on-site] ACE MACHINERY introduced the SIGNATURE EAGLE that has a strong power in terms of automatic adhesive system
[KIPES 2012 on-site] SEOUL DIECUTTING SYSTEMS to display ARSTOMAT that is a sample cutter
[KIPES 2012 on-site] Han-il Duplo to introduce perfect binder DPB-500 that can print 525 copies per hour
[KIPES 2012 on-site] BITEK TECHNOLOGY to introduce label press equipped with color laser, any-001
[KIPES 2012 on-site] DAEJUNG Machinery to display, the 'Hercules standard cutting system'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] S&I SYSTEMS to introduce CTP equipment, 'UV-Setter2'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] SAEIL CORPRATION to show digital printing product and some machines for packaging products
[KIPES 2012 on-site] DAEJUNG INTERNATIONAL to show UV CTP 'Prism Series' that reduces costs
[KIPES 2012 on-site] SUNWOO to exhibit coil-ring binder & clipper of swift binding 'SW-C380'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] COPIER LAND launches strip heat binder 'fastback 9E'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] A-Four Industrial to show, 'ZK-320', Full Automatic Rigid Box Making Machinery
[KIPES 2012 on-site] DOMINO unveils M-Series of 'print and apply labeling'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] SHINSEGAE ENGINEERING exhibits 80m per minute high-speed label printing machine 'Speed-250'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] SAM WOO TECH exhibits intermittent offset label press ZTJ-330
[KIPES 2012 on-site] KISUN exhibits digital inkjet coating machine 'Digi Spot Quantum'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] DOIL Machine Industrial introduces fabric cost saving heat laminating system SSH-320
[KIPES 2012 on-site] Tae-Kyoung Hi-Tech exhibits intermittent rotary label printing machine 'TK-300RP7 HI-TECH'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] M-TECH TRADING COMPANY exhibits offset PS panel U.V. intermittent rotary label printing letterpress ZX-320
[KIPES 2012 on-site] NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS introduces embedded control and monitoring system 'NI CompactRIO'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] MAX to introduce various COMMA Diaries
[KIPES 2012 on-site] IL WOO International to show laser marking machine
[KIPES 2012 on-site] Dae Young Tech to show pad printer using the ink cup
[KIPES 2012 on-site] Marcus System to show UV-LED printer, 'UJF-3042FX'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] KEUN-SEUL COMMERCIAL TRADING to show UV-LED printer used on various materials
[KIPES 2012 on-site] KWANGSUNG CRT to display rubber roll for printing
[KIPES 2012 on-site] P.M.Trading to show card cutting machine, 'Uni-cutter'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] JI SUNG Machinery to introduce Automatic Lamination equipment 'JS-SM SERIES' featuring Precision
[KIPES 2012 on-site] MICRO CONTROL SYSTEM to show AMS's PEAK LED-UV compatible with hybrid UV
[KIPES 2012 on-site] DMPS to introduce digital flat panel UV printer, DMP series
[KIPES 2012 on-site] LiCHTZEN to exhibit med and high pressure UV lamp
[KIPES 2012 on-site] UPITECH to show automated laser system, VULCAN 300-24PF which is optimized in post-processing!
[KIPES 2012 on-site] TotalComTech to show CTP printer which is equipped with dual cassette loader
[KIPES 2012 on-site] Dianippon Screen Korea to exhibit digital printer, 'C8000'
[KIPES 2012 on-site] Dilli Exhibits 'NEO MERCURY', UV Label Printer
[KIPES 2012 on-site] Dreamjet Korea Develops 'Artist', Vending Machine for Smart Phone Cases, for the First Time in the World
[KIPES 2012 on-site] HS Trading Shows a Light System Standard Lighting of German JUST Is Mounted
[KIPES 2012 on-site] Cron Korea Exhibits UV System, 'UV-CTP 46' Series
[KIPES 2012 on-site] Toba to introduce R2R Printing System
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