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Latest News  
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] Banjidgori to introduce items dyed naturally
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] Eco Design Center to display 'ENFASH', an Eco fashion Brand
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] Han Fashion RIS Consortium of Dong Eui University to show 'Hanttre Whidrott', business look made of cool material
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] SILK RAOD to show wood pulp fiber 'Punggi viscose viscose rayon'
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] Hansan Mosi Association to show 'HANSANMOSI', natural and elegant fiber
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] SAMKWANG WEAVING TEXTILES to show vegetable eco-friendly natural fiver 'viscose rayon fabrics'
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] S&B to exhibit breathable shoes with air circulation system
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] Gong Lee Art Creation to show handicraft accessories featuring unique designe
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] BoBo M to show jacquard bag combining sensual textiles
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] Demonade to show characterful Clutch Bag for men
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] TWOST International to exhibit Young casual inspired from 'Butterfly'
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] MOMNURI to show 'M Secret', fashionable pregnant underwear
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] Cashmere Crush to show fur clothes for 2012 AW season
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] GITINA to introduce Jewelry of announcer style
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] Dae Shin Commercial to exhibit Tourmaline clothes of natural dye
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] Doori Collection to display '2012 F/W New Disney Golf-wear'
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] Hong-Dea 5ppah to show various styles of rain boots
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] to show functional sportswear for Yoga/Pilates
'Real Connection' for Business, 'Busan International Textile & Fashion Show 2012' at BEXCO, KOREA
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] Atelier 901 to show stylish costume jeweley
[BITFAS 2012 on-site] SEIN Corporation to show women-wear of modern design

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