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Latest News  
[BITE 2012 on-site] ARMOP to introduce hexagonal armor plate
[BITE on-site 2012] DSM Dyneema to show 'Dyneema®' made of high density polyethylene thread
[BITE 2012 on-site] TAEKWANG INDUSTRIAL to secure its competitiveness with 'Vertical Manufacturing Process' for carbon fiber
[BITE 2012 on-site] HYUNDAI FIBER to show carbon fiber and products made of carbon fiber
[BITE 2012 on-site] Korea Textile Development Institute to show the development results
[BITE 2012 on-site] 'Special Booth in Marine Convergence'
[BITE 2012 on-site] Korea Institute of Industrial Technology to show textile-related research support center
[BITE 2012 on-site] SUECO New materials to show a variety of products required for material process
[BITE 2012 on-site] DAESAN PLANT to show nano-carbon film heater saving electricity
[BITE 2012 on-site] YOUTH HITECH to show clothing production automatic software
[BITE 2012 on-site] Jeonju Institute of Machinery and Carbon Composites to exhibit Carbon-fiber-based marine sports and leisure equipment
[BITE 2012 on-site] Dongsung Chemical to show the next generation components featuring light weight for transportation
[BITE 2012 on-site] DAEWOO INTERNATIONAL to unveil eco-friendly Automobile Interior
[BITE 2012 on-site] Korea Technology to show trial manufactured goods of Take up winder
[BITE 2012 on-site] KIMSSILK to show industrial silk to enhance a property of matter
[BITE 2012 on-site] DONGYANG ROPE to show super fiber 'MirAcle' loghter than water and related items
[BITE 2012 on-site] Korea Jacquard Textile Institute to improve competitiveness of Jacquard through
[BITE 2012 on-site] DYETEC to introduce project group for textile in transportation field
[BITE 2012 on-site] Kolon Industries to show Aramid fiber replacing steel
[BITE 2012 on-site] HWASHIN Special Textile Filter to show industrial fiber/coating/filter
To prove its real worth, 'Busan International Techtextile & Material Trade show 2012' at BEXCO, Busan, KOREA
[BITE 2012] To Attract the Attention of Industry

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