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Latest News  
Wrapped 'Preview In Seoul 2012' up with great success, despite worldwide economic downturn
[PIS 2012 video] INTER S.A. to participated in 'Preview in SEOUL 2012'
[PIS 2012 video] Le Merite Exports to introduce 100% Cotton yarns
[PIS 2012 video] K.COTTON&GAUZE to introduce various high quality yarns and fabrics
[PIS 2012 video] E. Textint to introduce heat-transfer logos/labels
[PIS 2012 on-site] SSANG YOUNG SPINNING to introduce 'Lohas Hanji'
[PIS 2012 on-site] Seojin Textile exhibits synthetic textiles that they developed
[PIS 2012 on-site] CNC Fashion exhibits lace fabrics with price competitivenss
[PIS 2012 on-site] Viva Lace exhibits various lace fabrics
[PIS 2012 on-site] SHIMA SEIKI introduces easy and simple textile design solution
[PIS 2012 on-site] SUNGJIN HITECH exhibits Circle Sample Cutter
[PIS 2012 on-site] JK TEX exhibits various fabrics for overseas luxury brands
[PIS 2012 on-site] KPMTech develops antibacterial and antivirus textile 'EVER-EX'
[PIS 2012 on-site] SHIN WON Textile to exhibit varied kinds of knitted goods having light weight
[PIS 2012 on-site] KYUNG WON attracts attention of overseas famous brands with self-designed knit socks
[PIS 2012 on-site] Hoshin Textile to initially make public 'T-wave Hoshin Textile', a fiber brand with luxury patterns
[PIS 2012 on-site] SUNRISE COMPANY to show Knitted Fabrics combining various materials
[PIS 2012 on-site] YOUTH HITECH to display clothing production automation software
[PIS 2012 on-site] Oriental Corp to unveil a variety of Digital Printing Products
[PIS 2012 on-site] HYUP SUNG TRD to show screen-printed fabrics mainly used in women's wear
[PIS 2012 on-site] HEAD ONE exhibits Digital Textile Pinter expressing soft, natural-looking images
[PIS 2012 on-site] HANTTRE catches popularity by 'Whidrott' modernizing Korean traditional images
[PIS 2012 on-site] HANSOL ECO to show a variety of Union Cloth using Knit and Cotton/Linen
[PIS 2012 on-site] HYMEL to exhibit 'Seam Sealing Tape' implementing perfect water poof function
[PIS 2012 on-site] PAKA to exhibit 'Cotton Like' and 'Melange' fabrics of functional materials
[PIS 2012 on-site] WIG KOREA to unveil 'Ruby Ole' in a chameleon material
[PIS 2012 on-site] Shin Heung to introduce memory fabrics like natural fiber
[PIS 2012 on-site] Shinhan Industry to exhibit fabric materials processed from woven fabrics by a functional film
[PIS 2012 on-site] FITI Testing & Research Institute to introduce the core business
[PIS 2012 on-site] LINO to exhibit various new materials leading world trend
[PIS 2012 on-site] DONGLIM to exhibit faux fur of high soft tough Raschel tissue
[PIS 2012 on-site] KY TEX to show functional union fiber for leisure clothing
[PIS 2012 on-site] KOTITI to show Part Water Repellency/Part absorbing materials and comfortable materials absorbing sweat
[PIS 2012 on-site] Unique Design to show Silk and Jacquard fabrics utilizing material properties
[PIS 2012 on-site] Yulsan Art to produce the eco-friendly and differentiated materials by unique natural dyeing technique
[PIS 2012 on-site] MIDO to display various Jeans suitable for Korean Body
[PIS 2012 on-site] JEAN JEAN TEXTILE to show mysterious fiber 'AQUA NIX' that patterns appear when touched in water
[PIS 2012 on-site] H.C WORD to show spandex 'ASKIN' used in Sports wears
[PIS 2012 on-site] VTI to introduce functional underwear for men
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